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Valyrian 2 a quick review

My thoughts on the valyrian 2.
Comes with 6ml glass. Good
Has a spring loaded top, push button and it opens to reveal fill ports. It has 2 but they are not massive will take my big bottles but got to be careful.
510 drip tip with orings in the hole, its a good size and works well.
Coils. Single double and triple mesh. And a quad standard.
Not tried triple or quad yet.
Single mesh 90 to 100w. Tried this first and was impressed, flavour is slightly better then crown 4 but not great with creamy notes.
Dual mesh 80 to 90w first though was holy shit this thing is a flavour monster. Not tried a pure fruit but very nice with dessert and creamy heaven. Got some strawberry fog in and its tasting better than i have ever had it. And i have tried this in every atty i ever had.
So in short single good but no creams. Double awsome.
I will report back once i have tried the triple.

Coil life has been great for me, 3 to 4 days with both. That doesn’t sound great but i normally dump stock coils after a day 2 maximum, i am really sensitive to burnt off notes.