Vampire vape Blackjack

Hi all,

Has anyone here mixed this flavour concentrate?

It’s driving me nuts. I bought it to mix for a mate, as it’s all he vapes, but it refuses to homogenise, and just sits on tip of the pg/vg.

I noticed a couple of people had left reviews on their site saying they had the same problem, with one guy saying that vampire sent a second bottle, and that was fine.

I emailed them, with a picture demonstrating the separation. No reply. Just called them, and the young lady wasn’t much help to be honest.

I mixed it at 15%, for a final 60/40 mix. She said that it was recommended at 60/40, but at 12% concentration (even though their website states 10 - 20%), and suggested that might be the problem. She did admit that this flavour was “tricky”.

I explained that to my eye, that the line of separation represents roughly 15% of the volume of the jar, so it appears very little has been homogenised. I doubt adding more pg/vg will solve it.

I pointed out that my mate has never had the problem with the premixed bottles from the shop, and she said “we have lots of lab equipment though”.

Hoping to pull that thread a bit, I explained that I had tried mixing it on my heated stirrer @ 35degc, but it still refused to mix, and a last attempt in my heated ultrasonic. Same result. She said maybe the heat was the problem, and maybe it needs to be thicker to mix(?).

I can’t really see that myself, and it’s been cold for two days, and if I shake it up, it separates in about 5 minutes!

Anyone had this sort of issue before?


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Not tried the concentrate in question but you could try Triethyl Citrate to homogenise the mix?
This is the chemical that plays a big part in TFA Dragonfruit which helps blend and bring together flavours, notably strawberries.
I recently purchased it to use with complex fruit stones I’m playing around with, after reading good things about it as an additive and Drip Hacks in the UK stock it.


Just had a read up on Triethyl Citrate… that’s a genius shout @Chewy.

Thanks very much, I’ll stick some on my next order.

Even if it doesn’t fix this problem, I’ll have some fun playing with it in some of my recipes.

Cheers again :ok_hand:


Ordered :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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Bookmarked. Great info here :slight_smile:


Can’t offer any help here but the lady you spoke to sounds like she doesn’t know shit about her product!
“we have lots of lab equipment though”. LOL


If you are getting separation of flavours and they refuse to combine with the base there is something very wrong - personally i would not use


@TorturedZen I didn’t want to sound too salty in my first post, but you are dead right, I knew I was wasting my time pretty early on in the conversation. I was hoping that she might say “oh yes, we’ve had some issues with that batch” or something.

@woftam If this was some ebay seller or something, I’d agree totally. But this is a commercial operation, stocked by many vape shops. However, I do agree that something isn’t right, just not sure what isn’t right. What could make the concentrate behave like that? I know oil carriers would, but even if one of the ingredients in the concentrate was oil based, would that result in what appears to be the full percentage of concentrate separating?

Digging a bit further I’ve found a few people having the same issue, it’s been discussed on another forum (not sure if I can link, but it was the second hit when googling “flavour separation black jack”, the first is hit is from the reviews on Vampire Vapes website).

I think I’m going to have to convert my mate to strawnana custard :grinning:

Thanks for the replies, love this site.


Well i probably wouldn’t vape it but if you want to it is up to you. I would suggest you could try a small amount of vodka in the mix (1% or less) and shake the hell out of it - if it seperates after that i would be looking for a replacement bottle or refund.

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Fair one. If it was something I’d ordered for me, I’d probably just bin it and never order again.

I ordered it for a mate, who’s been vaping this exclusively for ages, to save him a few quid and trips into town.

Found another 10 page thread going back to 2015, where a number of customers experiencing separation tightened the screws on the company. They kind of admitted separation issues (1 from 15 of their tests showed some separation). They then claimed to have reformulated it with an emulsifier.

Seen plenty of issues since then though.

The more I read, the more it annoys me the way my first phone call was handled. Apart from the one statement that it could be tricky, the rest of the call was basically denial of any batch issue, then claiming it could be percentages / my mix technique.

If chewy’s siggestion doesn’t get it to blend, 'll try to get a refund, and my mate will have to go back to premixed. I might have a play with knocking up a blackjack recipe myself, I’ve got some aniseeds, might add FA black jack vintage to next order.

Shame, because it is a nice flavour premixed, and I’d have liked to save my mate some time/cash.



Just a quick update, I tried adding 1% Triethyl Citrate, and gave the mix another warm bath and shook the life out of it.

It is still separating, although it does appear to have pulled some of the concentrate into the base.

Second phone call and 2nd picture emailed, and vampire kind of reluctantly said they would send me a bottle of a different flavour as compensation.

I won’t be dealing with them again, and to anyone who finds this thread when searching the flavour before buying, be warned…

Vampire vapes Black jack is like fat girls and leggings, it doesn’t mix well.