Vampire Vapes - Blackjack

Hi Guys, was playing with some blackjack recipes on here, also got some blackjack Concentrate from Arist-Cat, as wanted to reproduce that great flavour and taste.

So after some trial, I thought I would order some from Vampire Vapes.

its supopsed to be 60/40 but the viscosity of the liquid is much less than my 60/40 mixes, am I ,issing something here???

Also theirs is much stronger smell, actualy just like the sweets lol.

I also tried a version at 70/30: -

My other version I did was just BlackJack Aristo-Cat at 10%

hope some better mixer may have a clone recipe or point my in a diretion I missed please

How long are you letting it sit? 1 week 2 or 6?

And have you though about adding marshmallow to boost the sweet or a bit of surclose?

As for smell vs vape. Is the anise stronger in the original? Have you thought about anise FA? That shit will knock your socks off, stick on your cotton and be there for days…I love it.

Well its been there for over a month now, but yea will give the Marshmallow a go, its actually Anise from CAP that I used not Aniseed (unless they the same thing lol) my mistake on the recipe flavour, just checked, you recon about 1% marsh be good?

A month should be getting you there close to the final product but it may take a few more weeks. Your working with a lot of dark flavors onto of other dark flavors.

You may need to try an batch mix this. Dropping percents while upping others. I have a funny feeling one of the dark flavors is fighting another resulting in dropping the punch of flavor.

Maybe batch 6 recipes. Test all at 1 week, 2weeks, 4 weeks and 6? This maybe something that must be vaped right away or 6 months to get that punch.

Yea will have a go and cheers for advice

If you like that flavor profile mix up a batch of this …so good. Also a good test of Absinthe (TPA)

Absinthe Strawberry

Ingredient %
Absinthe (TPA) 4
Strawberry (TPA) 7

Flavor total: 11%

Remember to rate it at!

[quote=“BoDarc, post:6, topic:84984”]
If you like that flavor profile mix up a batch of this …so good. Also a good test of Absinthe (TPA)

Absinthe Strawberry


Absinthe (TPA)

Strawberry (TPA)
[/quote]Cool many thanks will give it a shot, will also add Sweet Strawberry (CAP) 4% just to kick the Strawberry up a notch

They may have a huge amount of flavor making it less viscous and stronger aroma. They may also have added water or other additive like vodka or PGA to make it thinner, which may not give a strong aroma in low quantities if they pre-steep it?

ohh I see thanks, seen a lot of clones on here and never seen anyone thin them down, wonder if they do it in the originals

I wonder if the alcohol converts to sugar in a mix and therefore may be hazardous to vape? IDK

for me it breaks my heart to use it to clean tanks/coils, so my Cosmic Coil cleaner seems to disappear before I can think about adding it any to a mix.

Yea, has anyone used AQUEOUS GLYCERINE ??? is it any good if so, plus I can just mix my own cant I ??

I haven’t tried it, I know nothing other than I have seen youtube videos with it mentioned. I bet you can use the ELR recipe to calculate a mix.

There was a guy on YouTube giving DIY advice (from England?) and he used aqueous glycerin …which is just VG and water. We commonly buy anhydrous glycerin which just means most of the water is removed. Search the ELR Home for “Distilled Water” and you should find some % in recipes. Read “Notes” and “Recipes” under that link

Thanks guys, gonna get some distiled water and knock up a batch, make a batch with that and standard vg, test them see.

Guess thats the idea hahaha

I suspect most “Max VG” recipes included water or they wouldn’t work in tanks (older ones especially) …it’s just too thick, and as you may have read many times we think it’s in most commercial juice for the same reasons (and to save $). Translation? you’re already vaping distilled water :wink: …which is available at any store in gallon jugs