Vandy Vape Bonza review by Adary

@Mix_and_Hope requested this one in the Vape Mail 2018 thread so I will go ahead and give it a shot even though this RDA was reviewed by everyone (and their grandmothers) already. I hope this will not be an issue :slight_smile: @Norseman has a review here that is probably better than mine in any case

So welcome everyone to my review of the Bonza RDA. I will start with a little disclaimer. I purchased this RDA for personal use, and unfortunately it wasn’t provided to me for free (hint, hint…)

The RDA arrived in a hard plastic box, and it’s visible straight from the top.

You also get to enjoy Bogan’s logo which might appeal to some.

Back side of the box lists the usual information, contents of the box, and has the scratch off authenticity code (doesn’t everything have this nowdays?)

Inside the box are additional drip-tips (delrin and ultem ones)

The plastic that holds everything together is slightly annoying. I wont list that as a con, but I’m sure that Vandy Vape folks can do better than this!

Inside the box, under the annoying plastic is the standard bag of goodies, that includes a 510 drip tip adapter, allen key, extra o-rings, tiny flat screwdriver, and a set of hex screws. This is good news for everyone who dislikes flat head screws.

(if anyone can tell me what that tiny o-ring is used for, i will be more than grateful)
The box also includes the standard user manual in 8 languages (fun for polyglots who like to read user manuals!)

The RDA itself is gorgeous. I chose the black/red one mostly because of the discounted price (it was over $5 cheaper than the other options). Build deck is completely gold plated, inside and out, and the posts have more than enough room for any wild and exotic coil build.

The posts are interesting in the way that the inner ones have a pad that will raise to hold the wire when the screw is tightened. I personally find that to be super convenient.

The juice well is super deep. I measured it at 7.3 milimeters deep, and the deck comes preinstalled with a squonk pin, which also holds the positive post in place. Replacing it to standard pin was super easy as well.

I decided to build it using two simple 0.5 ohm Kanthal clapton coils

Main reason for this chose is that I have exactly the same coils installed on the Drop RDA, and I wanted to have a side-by side comparison of the two.

Installing the coils is super easy. As you can see at this point I still didn’t switch to hex screws, and the provided screwdriver is actually too small for these screws. In the end I just pulled another slightly wider flat head screwdriver from my trusty 'ole toolbox and had a lot easier time installing the coils.

Even when both coils are in, trimming the ends was very easy. Access was easy, and since the posts are right in the middle, there is no need to be 100% accurate and flush to the post.
I spaced the coils out a bit, gave them a quick glow to make sure everything is tight and works properly (spaced coils that I like can’t really have hot spots)

Wicking is easy as well. There is so much room in the juice well that almost any length of the wick will go in. Just make sure not to leave too much and turn the wick into a juice sponge.

Now let’s talk about about the performance.
This RDA has literal tons of airflow. The airflow openings are super wide, right on the side of the barrel, and the way cap is built, you have full control over the airflow in five different settings.

The way the cap is built, you can position the airflow openings directly over the coils. Fully open, the airflow is a bit too much for me, but when I dialed it down a bit, I achieved my favorite slightly restricted pull.

The flavor I got from it was great (slightly short of amazing) and with the coils and wicks I used, there was very little spitback.
The airflow control also gives the option to block the airflow on one side, and use the RDA in single coil configuration. I still didn’t try it in single coil (and probaby won’t ever) but it’s nice to know that the option is there.

And now for the grand conclusion and summary

Width: 24.1mm
Height: 25.7mm (without drip tip)
Height: 33mm (including drip tip)
Jucewell capacity: 2ml (this is totally huge)

All I can say for bonza is that it’s very good. The build deck is amazing, jucewell is super deep, vape and flavor are great, but for me it does have a few drawbacks.
Bottom o-rings are not very tight, especially when lubed with some juice. The cap moves around freely since there is no notch to secure it one spot. This might be good if you want to move the airflow away from the coils (why would anyone do this?) but it’s super annoying when you want to take it off the mod since it just keeps spinning in place. On the other hand, the o-ring in top is super tight, and adjusting the airflow is a bit difficult, and will definitely knock your airflow away from the coils.

All in all, this is a good RDA and I enjoy it a lot. Would I recommend it to others: absolutely.

I hope you liked this review :slight_smile:
If yes, let me know in comments. If not, let me know how to improve.


The little o ring is for the squonk pin, i think. Great review, man. :+1:


I was hoping someone would clear that up cause I had no idea either :+1:

Great review @adary, it took me a lot longer to pluck up the courage to write one.
It looks like we have the same morbid streak :laughing:


Thanks :slight_smile:
This is not the first review I ever wrote, just the first on ELR :slight_smile:

And yeah. Gimme skulls any day. If you can make them pink, even better :smiley:


That’s one for the colours for the girls thread :sunglasses:


Thanks for the mention :+1: and good luck with the reviews.


great review @adary, it is probably better are the same as the Drone, I have not got the Drone, but will one day along with the Bonza, I think I will start collecting single coil RDA’S with SQUONK pin, my squonker is being repaired at the moment, can’t wait to get it back !!


Great review @adary.


Nice review… one issue I have with that tank (RDA) is that the outside area around the air holes tend to get wet often. “I believe” this is caused by moisture or popping juice seeping through those air holes and it gets pretty annoying. Other than that I feel it’s a pretty good rda… again, nice review.


Anytime man, and thanks :slight_smile:

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I’ve never had the chance to try the drone, but i have to admit that bonza is sort of becoming my main. That deep juicewell is what does it for me


I’ve had more issues with moisture you describe with the drop. My bonza stays pratty dry on the outside, and I drip a lot inside.


+1 on the drooling Drop. Mine does that also but I can’t really complain because the Drop hits like a charging rhino.


Last thing i will do is complain about the drop :slight_smile: but it sure does drool. And I did manage to get the bonza to drool last night but it’s not a big deal at all. Both of them hit like a ton of bricks and give awesome flavor

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Great review, thanks for the information!

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I’ve got to say, I really don’t like the RDA. Hellvape Drop Dead Rabbit is my number 1.

The air holes are too low on the tank in my opinion. They need to be higher. I’ve burnt my hands a few times with liquid dripping out of the airholes. Yeah I maybe putting a little too much in. But not happy and I can’t see that I’ll be using this RDA much.
My next purchase is gonna be the Hellvape passage.
The drop dead giti the number 1 RDA in 2019 review and I’ve got to say it’s a worthy number 1 for dripping and squonking.

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