Vandy Vape Pulse V2 bottles

Just a quick question in regards to a problem I’m hoping someone might have experienced.

Yesterday I received the Pulse V2 after a fair bit of hesitation.
I put a battery in to ensure all was working and then went to wash the bottles. I did notice a strange smell when I initially opened the box but didn’t take an awful lot of notice. But when I actually picked up the spare bottle it absolutely reeked and after removing the bottle already in the mod found out that did too. The smell I’m getting is a rubber type smell and is truly pungent.
I thoroughly washed both bottles twice and have left them both immersed in water since. They’ve been submerged for a good 30 hours now but still stink. It’s such a horrible smell I’m very reluctant to put any juice inside as I think the smell could taint the juice and that’s something I wouldn’t want to vape.
To be honest I’m unsure if that would even be safe to vape.
I’m going to try soaking both bottles in a bowl of water with a denture tablet but am unsure if that will do any good. I’m also considering actually putting some juice in and trying it on a dropper after a day or so. This might tell me if the smell will dissipate and hopefully disappear. But as I said above I don’t know if something could leach into the juice and what damage that could do.
I’ve emailed both the vendor and Vandy Vape directly asking them for their advice but to date neither have replied.

Has anyone else experienced a similar problem either with Vandy Vape or any other manufacturers squonk bottles?
And if so were you able to remove the extremely off putting smell and how?

I want to keep and use the device so any advice would be gratefully received.

Thanks in advance.

I didn’t exactly know what heading to ask these questions under and thought that the atomizer one seemed most appropriate.


I have the same version of the Pulse and I noticed a similar issue when I first got it. The smell will most likely dissipate once you start putting juice in. At least mine did.

I’m guessing it’s the nature of that bottle material but you may also notice that the bottle will continue to retain the smell of whatever juice was last used, even after thorough cleaning. It doesn’t really effect subsequent refills from my experience.


I’m not much of a squonker but have noticed off scents for silicone and latex bottles.

I generally rely on a soft cleanse of kosher salt, bi carb and citric acid, with two fresh water drains after.


you might try filling a bottle with pg/vg and leave that overnight


Thanks @TorturedZen, I find that reassuring and was hoping someone had experienced the same problem with exactly the same device.


Good advice here. Would also add I soak mine in cheap Vodka for a couple of hours. Gets rid of all the smell be it from the silicone or ejuice


What a coincidence. I use that to clean my bubbler.


It is the cleanest bubbling cleaner.

I have bi carb and citric to hand any time I want a soda.


A bit of an update for anyone interested.

I placed both bottles in a little ceramic bowl with a denture tablet about 16 hours ago.
I have just smelled the bottles and am extremely glad to say the revolting smell seems to have gone now. I’ve just put them into a container with just water and will wash them again later and leave them to dry.

Hopefully that’s the end of my concerns as the smell was truly fowl. I have to say I’m surprised Vandy Vape would use such bottles and sell them. I completed a little research and found a couple of vapers having the exact same problem with exactly the same bottles but not many.
Perhaps I was over thinking it or was just unlucky. Either way as long as it doesn’t return then all is well that ends well.

No replies from either the vendor or Vandy Vape.

Vandy Vape I sort of understand but don’t agree with and certainly don’t think that’s good customer service but the vendor in my opinion should have taken a little time to at least reply.
I was actually prepared to inform the vendor that I knew it’s not their fault or problem and had no intention of attempting to obtain a refund of any sort. I suppose they didn’t know that and probably get all sorts of people trying to dupe them but still an acknowledgment wouldn’t have hurt.


Sorry it happened. I picked up the silicone smell and ignored it. Washed with soap & water and squonked away. No smell since. Mine was shipped with the black bottle and immediately replaced it with the clear. Hate not being able to see the juice level. It’s the best squonk I own. Not a leak in 4-5 months if the bottle isn’t over filled. The blue tooth is weird so I don’t use it. Setting are very good but not great. Even with SS coils I use wattage and go by taste. Over all for hand fit and proformance you bought my favorite squonk.


Thanks for the endorsement!
I have wanted one for a long time but kept fighting the want bit as I do have a V1. I’m looking forward to finally using one.

In regards to the Bluetooth I believe reviewers were saying that anything vape related has been removed from either Apple or Android.