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Vandy Vape Pulse X question


When I quickly click the fire button 5 times to turn this mod off it fires the atomizer. My wismec 3rd gen doesnt fire the device when quickly pushing the button multiple times to power off. Is this normal for the Pulse X? Starting to get concerned its burning my cotton or messing up the coil. Only modification ive made is im using a Profile tank and mesh coil rda with the pulse x


I don’t have the X but I do have the 80 watt and it does the same thing. Normally, I wouldn’t be concerned but I don’t know how the profile behaves. I am sure it has a fast ramp up. I would take the top cap off and do the 5 clicks of the button and see if your mesh gets red at all. If not, I wouldn’t worry about it. If it does, then I wouldn’t turn it off or I would disconnect the atty and then turn it off.

If my advice doesn’t work for you I am sure there are others that have the same set up that will have something to say on the matter. Good luck.


took lip off and its not turning red just sizzles a bit, guess its ok thanks. Just wanted to make sure, its my first rda.


Both of you need faster fingers :crazy_face:


Yep…you have to do it very rapidly. Pretend you’re using a telegraph…Telegraph


Last time I used a telegraph I was too slow and my message “Watch out for the iceberg” was not received in time. Moral of the story - not clicking fast enough can have consequences.