Vandyvape official-this will be a new great start in 2018

Thank you all for support and love, we have seen lots of our products reviews here, but Unfortunately, it came from other sites. It seems we are late for here, i suppose vandyvape will design and lunch more interesting products this year, please keep watching us, and if you have any questions and inquries just feel free to contact vandyvape.


Looking forward to see what Vandy Vape got to offer, i am and have been more than pleased with the products i got from Vandy Vape and always excited when i see something new being released. Been having the Pyro in my main rotation the past 5 months or so, and in fact i have 2 of them in my daily rotation of 3 attys.

BTW, i like the baby you had breeding the Pulse BF mech with the Voopoo Drag, such a cutie :smiley:


Thank you for supporting, we are now going to released pulse 80W BF box mod i think you guys will be interested.


Yup. Many of us are interested in the new pulse bf mod.


Late? You’re never too late!
Looking forward to your input here and as others have said your pulse looks good!


Hi @vandyvape good to see you here.


Does tony B have an account here?

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Not that I know of… Brian of TVC Elite does, and many other reviewers- even the vaping biker… Tony has a Facebook and Instagram account if I’m correct.


Looks good on your website and I see it just went up for pre-order at my usual oversees vendor. Just remember to breathe. We can forget sometimes… I think most of us got into vaping out of concern from the dangers of carcinogens. Remember the greater community goal: Tobacco Harm Reduction for all, worldwide. If that isn’t achieved, we haven’t done our work well enough. Smoking is the #1 cause of cancer and includes 22% of all deaths.

Thank you for being part of the solution that governments, big business and bureaucracy haven’t effectively tackled in such a effective manner as the track record of vaping has proven in such a short period of time. They have only been aware of this minor health issue since 1964. Think about all you have accomplished since 2016. Keep going- Full Steam Ahead.

Shenzhen is playing a pivotal role as a center for our tools to resolve this issue. But like any town, sometimes the best answer for a quality life is a community which polices itself to ensure the prosperity of the neighborhood, and the way it is perceived by others who might look to it as an example.


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