Vanga clearomiser, courtesy of Bilsen Tech!

What up vapefam!

Sirrisc is back with another review courtesy of Bilsen Tech!
I’ve been carrying the Vanga Subohm clearomiser around this week, and I’m impressed by its performance.


Bilsen Tech is a relatively unknown Chinese manufacturer, but they have been around for some time.
They started up in 2009 and have been producing a myriad of products, many of them are clones but they have been developing some of their own gear too.
The Vanga subohm clearomiser is one of those products and it shows that the folks at Bilsen know what they’re doing.
While they may not be the biggest company out there, they are doing a great job delivering large quantities of high quality goods.
Definitely a company to keep an eye on!

Vanga Subohm clearomiser


  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Pyrex/glass tank with 3.5ml capacity.
  • 4 adjustable 3mm² x 12mm² airflow holes
  • Top fill mechanism
  • Stainless Steel wide bore driptip
  • VANGA embossed on the top filling ring
  • Bottom Turbine Dual Coil available in both 0.5ohm and 0.2ohm
  • Can take high VG liquids on both coils (I tested up to 95%VG)


The Vanga comes in the standard plastic casing like you’re used to from other manufacturers like Innokin.

The casing is sturdy and houses the tank with the 0.2ohm coil already screwed in, and an extra 0.5ohm coil subtily hidden beneath the cardboard with branding.

On the casing is also a green sticker ensuring you that they use organic cotton in their coils, which I can confirm after opening up the used 0.5ohm coil.

The branded cardboard also shows the wattage at which you can use the coils, 30 to 10 watts for the 0.2ohm coil and 30 to 80 watts for the 0.5ohm coil respectively.
On the bottom of the casing is another piece of cardboard which gives you not only instructions on how to fill the tank, but also the specifications of it and more importantly, a warning on subohm vaping and battery safety!

Kudos for that! Excellent practice!


As I stated in my intro, I’m impressed by this one.
The flavor I’m getting from this clearo is impossible to compare to any RTA, it’s simply better than anything else.
Even the Atlantis or the original Subtank will struggle to keep up with prebuilt coils.
I tested up to 95VG and even with high VG juice the coils keep wicking easily and without dryhits.
As with all clearos though, you’ll need to prime the coil before actually vaping it but it’ll wick fast.
With the 95VG I put in the tank, it only took around 5 minutes for the wicks to be fully saturated on a new coil.
In terms of cloud production it rivals all the recent RTAs I’ve been reviewing.
It’s definitely not a stealth vape, but it’s not marketed as such either. :wink:
Airflow wise, it provides a very warm but airy vape. I could get used to vaping like this.

One of the most intersting features of this clearo is the top filling mechanism.
It’s simply sliding the ring into place so the hole opens up and squeezing the juice in there.
It doesn’t leak, it doesn’t get messy, it just works. And it fills up in no time, without tools.

As stated, the clearo comes with both a 0.5ohm coil and a 0.2ohm coil.
I first tried the 0.5ohm coil and it lasted me about 4 days of constant vaping before the resistance started jumping around a bit.
Why it started jumping around is a bit of a mystery to me because when I took it apart to check the coils were still viable for a good vape.
Regardless the coil performed great and provided me with a full bodied flavor at 50W.
The 0.2ohm coil is proving a little more difficult to enjoy at 50W but at 70W it really livens up and provides an equally great vape.
I checked with Bilsen Tech and it would seem that the Arctic coils do fit this clearomiser but the cotton is different.
Seeing as the cotton is what will provide the flavor for the greater part, it is important to note the difference between the two.
Still… it is easy if you’re in a pickle and you only have Arctic coils at your disposal.
As for you tinkerers out there, these coils are fairly easy to rebuild. They have a lot of room to move around with coils and wick, if you’re so inclined.


The clearo looks great, machining is done very clean and it doesn’t have much in terms of flourishes.
That said it does have the name embossed into the top ring where the filling hole hides, which doesn’t look all that bad to be honest.
It’s not a small clearo either. In fact, it’s pretty bulky compared to the RTAs mostly because of the top filling ring.
I reckon it could have been made smaller but that might hinder the ease of filling it.
The glass is strong and seems fairly thick but doesn’t seem to be removable, something I’d love to see changed if only to make it easier to clean.
Another nice addition to this one is the way the airflow holes are shaped, they’re not just cylon-styled slots. They’re elipse shaped and there’s four of them!

Pros and cons


  • Big clouds
  • Comes with a driptip
  • Perfect flavor. (And I do mean PERFECT)
  • 3.5ml tank
  • Easy to fill because of the top filling mechanism
  • No need for tools
  • Looks pretty nice
  • Amazing airflow
  • Leakproof
  • Organic cotton
  • Subohm coils
  • PEEK insulators


  • Coils won’t last long at high wattages
  • Airflow and top fill rings are a little too easy to move (use a vapeband to keep them in place if needed)
  • Resistance jumps around sometimes
  • Not a springloaded positive pin
  • Unable to remove the glass for cleaning
  • Hard to come by, not a lot of shops are stocking it yet. I hope some will start stocking it soon!

In conclusion

The Vanga clearomiser is an impressive piece of kit. I started using it without expecting this much flavor but it kind of surprised me.
The coils are good but could probably be improved just a tad for higher wattages, they seem to burn out quicker at +70W.
The clearo looks good on any mod, because of its simplicity. Despite the large embossed name on the top and its rather big size, it still looks humble.
I’ve never been able to fill a tank this easily and quickly, the top filling mechanism is a brilliant move.
All in all, I’d definitely recommend this clearo to someone just starting to explore subohm vaping.
The ease of use and humbled look are a perfect way to introduce yourself to a high wattage vape.
Bilsen tech proves that they know what they’re doing, I’d keep an eye on this company for sure!

In closing I would like to thank Sweety from Bilsen Tech for sending me this subohm clearomiser for review.
And of course I would like to thank all of you for reading, you all rock! :wink:

I’m always looking for more opportunities to review, so get in touch if you want me to review something from you! Juice, RTA, RDA, mods… it’s all welcome and I’m sure we can work something out!

#staycloudy !

SirRisc disappears in a strawberry custard scented cloud of vapor


Nice Review ! Looks like an Arctic and a Lemo 2 smashed into one . Looks like a wicked tank for sure .


I was about to say that dang that is swanky and super clonish to the Arctic I just got same coils as well ! Nice review thank you !

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Most people seem to compare it to the Arctic and I have to admit it does show a lot of similarities.
The inside construction is slightly different and the top fill mechanism is extremely handy, but that’s where the difference ends really.
Definitely not a bad tank, I quite liked it.

Better flavour than Goblin? I don’t believe you…

And still it’s true, Aux. :wink:
However I tried to wick the Goblin and however pure the flavor from it is, the Vanga delivers a hotter and full bodied vape.
The coils burn out rather quickly though, that’s one of the things that irk me. The Goblin is so much easier in that regard, just rewick and vape!

You lie! I don’t listen to you!