Vanilla coconut steeping question

i made a mix 70vg/30pg using vanilla shisha INW 5% and coconut vg real flavors 8% same day shake and vape after using magnetic stirer hotplate can barely taste vanilla and no coconut at all. How long do you think this needs to steep to taste the coconut?


Considering your usage percentages this might never steep into a vapable mix… only time will tell.

Reading is fundamental

Here’s something that will help you with usage percentages and other critical info that can really benefit you on your DIY Journey…

Also here’s list of things some diyers wished for when they started DIYing…


Let’s do some translation… @Pro_Vapes is criptic… :joy: But he wants you to read, learn and get better next time.
To make a story short… First let’s consider that RF Flavour is VG based, so for your sake, I guess that you considered that on the “70/30” let’s take that for granted… if not… not a chance… as he says…
Shisha Vanilla is waaay too strong @5% I’d have gone for something like 1.2… so @5 it’ll overpower everything and likely it’ll have a chemical taste that you won’t be able to get rid of (that’s why he pointed you out on the its flavor notes)
RF coconuts, even if at 8% (again it’s VG based) it’ll never be stronger then the Vanilla that you barely taste, considering that you used the magnetic stirrer with the hotplate all the volatiles have gone.
What is there left to do?? As he says… wait and see, but the chances are… well now you now know…

@Pro_Vapes I correct if I’m wrong or missing something


To further reduce and clarify the great advice above:

You’re percents are too high and heating isn’t helpful. Both of these issues have made your flavors mushy and muted.

Try the Shisha at 1.2% and RF at 2%. Shake or Mag mix without heat, and taste it tomorrow morning.

It will taste better as the days go on, if you can let it sit for 2-3 weeks, maybe in a second bottle if you want one for instant gratification, it should be awesome.


Good baseline from @Plunderdrum. @anon58232632 there are some sublime two flavor recipes but they must be perfectly balanced …as you have discovered. There are also some very low % Total Flavor% recipes that nail it, but it can be challenging. You can search the Forum for “Flavor Ceiling” and read some more advice and stories on how too much flavoring can cancel out the ability to taste …which doesn’t make intuitive sense …I mean if you keep adding salt to your food it just gets saltier …but this arena is more chemically (and biologically) complex and the scientific reason “more-isn’t-more” to your Taster is evasive …yet often true


A good example of a VG based RF that doesn’t need nearly as high a % as recommended is their Creme Brulee. If you look at the recommended % on the flavor page, you’ll see 9-10%, but at 2% it’s great! 3% is pushing it to becoming too thick and off.

Some of the recommended % are older and/or meant for MTL gear. If you are DL and see a high %, take it with a grain of salt, it could be 2 or 3x what you need.


Thanks for all the tips, greatly appreciated. I’ve put this bottle down as overkill lesson learned. In an attempt to make a fresh little batch Ive changed the vg coconut with coconut extra tpa, and added some black honey tobacco that ive been wanting to use cause its just been collecting dust. How do these percentages look to you guys?
Coconut Extra (TPA) 1.80
DX Graham Cracker (TPA) 2.50
black honey tobacco (TPA) 3.00
Shisha Vanilla (INW) 1.20

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Glad to help. Hope your new one works out.

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On the Coconut topic, I recently fixed an old failed attempt here. Nature’s Flavors has some outstanding extracts, their Coconut being one of them. I’m testing this out on day 8 and its delicious already. Tossing this out here since you’re into dessert Coconut type things.


cool looks good

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yep the new mix tastes way better, nice smoothe coconut with honey exhale. The graham cracker and vanilla sweetened it up a bit too. I’m kind of tripping out how these lower percentages taste better LOL


Great seeing you have success with the new blend :smiley: keep it up! :+1: