Vapable order not recived

Has anyone else had a problem with not getting there items? I orderd on Monday first class next day post because I only had a day or 2 juice left and I’m all out of nicotine so I can’t make any more emailed them said not received and the usual back and forth we sent it and all that jazz and also they won’t send me another one out until the 19th if I don’t recive so I bought some ready made juice to last me a few days and now I am out again (enough till morning if I stretch it out) so I am not happy now lol made a dispute with PayPal to hopefully get my money back because premium e juice is EXPENSIVE :grimacing:

Here is the website :+1:

Have ordered from them quite a few times and never had a problem?
Always been a quick delivery.
I know that doesn’t help but shit does happen now and again, especially with the good ol’ Royal Mail!

I’ve never had a problem either, hope you get your order Monday atleast

I have never had a problem either the only thing that is annoying me is that I have to wait till the 19th before they will even ship another one out so it means be buying at least another 60-100ml ready made to last me till then

Hello guys I have just had to pop into the back garden and my stuff was there in a muddy wet puddle can admin remove this please another prime example of Royal fail luckily it was in a vacuum sealed bag so I can use it thanks guys