Vapatio Giveaway: Win Vaptio N1 Pro 240w Kit (Ended)

Win Vaptio N1 pro 240w kit, equipped with 2/3 battery and compatible multicore tank, 10/23

Hi ELRs,

We Vaptio are glad to be here for giveaway!
The prize is Vaptio N1 pro 240w Kit.

N1 Pro 240W kit, is powered by 2/3 replaceable 18650 cells whose max output reaches 240W, and equipped with a highly compatible multicore tank.

Pls comment with specification or feature of the N1 pro 240w kit, or any though.
or tag at least 2 of your friends to enter at one time.
You can enter as much as you like, pls just wait for someone else to enter before your second entry and number your entry #1,#2,#3

1 winner will be announced via on 23th. Oct.


I’ll kick this party off. :wink:

I’ve never used any Vapatio products, but that looks really cool! I love the colorful display and the sleek lines. :smiley:

Never used but have heard very good things.

#1 never used any of these products before now I have something to research on lunch 2day and for that I am grateful :+1:

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Haven’t heard of this one before now but it looks pretty slick
@Jenny1978 @VapeyMama @Leilani @Lolly


Post #1

The two reviews I’ve read so far make this a very promising looking mod!

@SunnyT @GPC2012 @DaveDave @jhmiller @Sprkslfly @bluenose63 @Grubby @SessionDrummer @Saxonn @Josephine_van_Rijn


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Never used vaptio products before but I have seen them reviewed on YouTube by some vape reviewers. They look like awesome products and they put some effort into aesthetic’s … I like it! Would love to own one. Send one my way! Haha

Looks like a great mod

@KrisKing84 @ExTaCy1337

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Thanks for the tag @Lolly
looks like a nice mod, I like the black and red one.
@VapeyMama @Cutlass92 @Molly_Mcghee


Like many here so far I have not used this product, Looks good in the picture though.

Love big mods like this one. Good option to reduce to 2 batteries for those who prefer a little less weight

Thanks for the tag @Lolly

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I have never heard of this device or this manufacturer. New to market?

Post 1. I’ve never herd of this device but would like to take it a spin. The pics look good.

#1 I have also never heard of this before, but it looks really cool, especially in black & red.
Also the screen looks big and easy to read/use, and an option to use either 2 or 3 batteries is nice.

#1: Nice choice of colors and a wonderful design.

#1 I like the design of the mod and both the tanks, but would have to go for the XL tank. More juice capacity.


The design is very sleek looking. Definitely an eye catcher.

#2 I like the color screen. Does it show the watt gauge that looks like a mph gauge that is on the site?


@paingawd @DaveDave

Thanks for the tag @GPC2012! This looks like a nice mod. I like the screen and the wattage output! :smiley:

@Cutlass92 @Silhouette