Vape Bashing USA, Which article is more accurate?

I know neither, but your opinion.
Latest from the right:
Dr. Marc Siegel: E-cigarettes pose special danger to teens

Latest from the left:
NPR talks about Flavor ban and Effects on Vaping

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I see no value comparing Faux News to National Propaganda Radio to MSLSD etc. In the end they all answer to someone else and not their audience.


Its all a sign of pending regulation big tobacco has to have a replacement product, i knew as soon as flavour art pulled various flavors from US distributors that it was coming soon, i have begun to stock up on various things, i predict an end to open systems so that big tobacco will have total control


I must say that I really hope your wrong, but I kind of feel the same…this makes me very sad

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your right , also that has been predicted by many others long ago …


That is exactly what big tobacco is fighting for with there overflowing war chest full of dollars.

Everybody better get ready to be vaping on a device like the JUUL.


Im not saying its an original idea i just think legislation is comming a lot sooner than people realize. They illegalized liquid caffiene practically overnight with no warning, no chance to stock up at all. I dont use liquid caffiene for vaping, i was gonna try caffeinating fruit juices, i know flavor west still has it but i doubt its the same as corolina extracts which was designined for beverages. This makes me nervous about nicotene and open systems.