Vape Clarity Nicotine

In keeping my nose to the ground for Nicotine suppliers and having seen comments on Vape Clarity nicotine in other forums, I got in touch with Vape Clarity about their product. I received a small sample of their 100mg/ml PG Nic for testing and review. Their pricing is reasonable:


Their response to my request was speedy and helpful.

Titration results:
Dead on perfect results at 100mg/ml.

The product comes in an opaque white bottle; the product is crystal clear. After the nicotine sits at room temperature, some browning does occur; thinking it’s more the air in the bottle causing oxidation, rather than temperature. I moved the bottle to the freezer for storage just for good measure.

No discernible odor.

No discernible taste at a low percentage in the mix. A mix of 12mg/ml or higher, there is the slight hint of a tobacco flavor, but nothing offensive. There is NO “peppery” taste associated with this nicotine.

Origin of Vape Clarity?
Below is the reply from Vape Clarity concerning the origin of their product:
“We use nicotine that is directly sourced from Singapore (not China). It is validated and tested through their QC processes and verified through a local 3rd party laboratory testing.”

I find this hilarious, since Singapore has totally banned anything containing nicotine within their borders. It’s OK to export the “bad stuff”, but let’s not allow any of our citizens to be “poisoned” by a product which we manufacture…oh, no!

In conclusion, I feel Vape Clarity nicotine is a quality product. If I can’t get my hands on my usual nicotine, Vape Clarity will be my choice.

I’m a creature of habit…what can I say?


I wonder how much Singapore’s bio-hazard / medical waste is going for. I’ve been looking for a new source.

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