Vape Company Sponsors Rangers FC

A vape company in the UK will be sponsoring Scottish football (soccer) giants Rangers FC

Very interesting times ahead as vaping creeps into sport.


Thanks for the share @Chewy. Maybe this is the start for commonsense to make its reappearance in this beautiful world of ours. Will Celtic be next?

Oh how I wish this would happen here in Australia but not holding out too much hope at the moment. In the state I live in it’s illegal to buy or sell anything vape related, but I think you can get around it if it doesn’t resemble a cigarette or is cigarette shaped. Pretty grey area really. I have to get nicotine from overseas but PG/VG and flavors I buy from a shop 50kms away. Go figure!

I wonder how many complaints Rangers will get from the non smoking/vaping public on fans vaping on the concourses? Time will tell eh? Cheers…


No worries @Dardy
Yes bit of a bummer for some folks whose governments won’t roll with the times and follow the UKs stance on vaping and realise it’s benifits in helping people kick the ciggie habit!
Hopefully things will change for the better the more research is taken seriously by the governing bodies.

No doubt there will be complaints but from what I hear there will be vaping zones in the concourse areas, which would help this.
Maybe and hopefully other sporting teams will embrace this groundbreaking idea And partnership?
Will be watching with intrest on how it pans out.
Are there other sporting teams supporting vaping?


What state do you live in? I’m In QLD Australia and the laws are mean but you can still buy vape stuff. Yes our wise regulators in Australia have bundled tobacco products and vape gear in the same category and promotion of these products is prohibited. The AU cricket team will never be caught ball tampering while wearing a vape sponsor logo :grinning:, sadly.

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Hey @cooper1. Live in WA mate. I am continually dumbfounded by our governments and their inability to do the right thing. Mate, I can go and buy a bong no problems but try and get me a new mod? All hardware is sourced from anywhere except WA. Drives me insane! Maybe I should unload in the “What Do You Hate” thread :grin: Cheers… stay well.


Not sure @Chewy. TBH I was a bit surprised Rangers made the decision actually. No doubt the naysayers and wowsers out there will try and compare this deal to the cigarette companies sports sponsorships we had back in the “dark old days”. I’d sure like to know if there’s other similar partnerships out there too. Cheers…