Vape density and taste of juice

Hey Everyone,
I’m looking for a hand with this recipe that I have made which all in all, is fairly good overall but I need to work on it more to be exactly as I want.
I am wanting the juice to have a thicker feel when inhaled and also a slightly more stronger strawberry flavour.
I only made a 60ml tester for this recipe in which I have just finished, but now I want to make another version which will give me what I am wanting.

Strawberry Milkshake
Freebase Nic 6%
PG 8%
VG 70%
Sweet Strawberry 8% Capella
DX Milk 5% TFA
Bavarian Cream 3% TFA

Flavour total 16%

I also used a 70/30 Pre mix PG-VG, but I have since purchased 1litre bottles of each, so I can change the mix ratio.

I hope some of you guys can help me. :grinning:


Do u have any different companies flavors like the strawberry & creams?


@St3v0 thanks for the reply mate.

This is what I have used and Capella and TFA concentrates are I have so far, but I plan on adding other brands in the coming weeks.

Sweet Strawberry 8% Capella
DX Milk 5% TFA
Bavarian Cream 3% TFA


60ml is quite a bit just for a tester. What happens if the recipe isn’t that great? You either have to vape it all or, if it really sucks toss it the sink. Typically 10-15ml will suffice.


Do you have a Marshmallow? TPA add about 2-2.5%… CAP 1.5=2%. If the strawberry isn’t in front as you like boost your strawberrys by 0.5% each and go from there boosting by 0.5. make 10=15mm tests till it meets your preference.


It’s hard to give you advice without knowing what flavors you have. Anyway, make about 120 ml of the recipe and steep it then pour some into a few 10 ml bottles leaving a couple ml space. Add marshmallow to one at 2% or so add FA’s meringue to another etc. etc. until you find a combination you like.


as some have pointed out it would be easier if they knew what flavors you have .

ou could list them in this thread or you could go to your profile on the recipe side

and add the flavors you have to your profile. then we could all see

for example this is my stash


Thanks heaps again for your help and I will add all of my concentrates now @tartarusspawn


You will certainly need some other strawberries in the mix. I would suggest some Shisha Strawberry (INW) at least. Thicker you could add Marshmallow or a thicker or whipped cream…


Wonder Flavours do a Strawberry Milk super concentrate which might be a useful base too. I use it if I need a milky sort of base to a strawberry mix. Can be a bit like Strawberry Quick (the drink) at higher levels though.


Cool, I should have done that but I’m glad you did. Thanks

After reading my response, it seems a bit…rude. Anyway, it’s not how I normally respond but I was in a hurry. Sorry about that @wemix2gether


With 3% Bavarian Cream, I would add 1 to 1.5% Sweet Cream CAP, no need for the milk.
Sorry I can’t really help with Strawberry part, although I do like Strawberry, Sweet - Jungle Flavors :ok_hand:


Thanks Rocky. I’m going to give that a go tonight.