Vape for poor folks

Okay I’ve been vaping for a couple years now or a little bit better and I keep seeing the phrase how vaping cost more than the stinkies I’m a person that sort of tight with their money .my experience so far is total cost .is not a 1/3 of what I would have spent on stinkys. not taken into consideration what the health cost would have been if I had not stopped smoking .I was spending 12.50 a day on stinkys or 4.562.50 a year . even with all the stuff LOL i bought I have not spent 4000.00 yet for the first 6 month’s buying B & M juice and devices was about half and so glad for the B & M in the beginning I don’t know if I have been able to stay stopped without them due to the new laws my favorite vape shop Lounge was forced out of business . this site was and is a big help big help thank you all I just thought I would throw this up .


Yeah, but just like with RYO – DIY juice and attys become absurdly cheap.

Got 1.2 litre of juice for 50 bucks and feetses of wire with a bag of 100 sheets of cotton for another 20 bucks.

Basically, I got a collection of a decent mod, two tanks + 3 RBAs for them, 1 RTA, 2 RDAs and at least a year of coiling/wicking and juice for like… just under 300 USD?

You can spend like 10 grand a year on vaping if you have the cash, but it’s just so, so cheap if you are cheap.

Also, 4500 a year of fags man? the bloody hell man. I spent about 100 a year on RYO, bump it back up to the 2 packs a day it sounds like yer counting and I used to spend about 300 a year. Point is – no, you are not remotely what I’d call tight with money. At all.


I agree with the OP, I have bought myself a few things over the years, but I know for a fact I have spent WAY less money on my vape gear and “juice stuff”. A person can spend as little or as much as they want on this, as a hobby, but as far as just quitting and staying off “stinkys” (I love this word for cigs), I think it is very easy to spend less, especially if you smoked a lot.


I was reading the news today about how big tobacco is jumping up and down with Joy because apparently there was some laws passed here in the United States and one of the things that was brought up was how vaping was not less expensive than smoking but at least 85% safer alternative to smoking according to a study they had .then they immediately Direct there talk about the big money being made in vaping I don’t believe that paints A fair picture that’s what led me to think about starting this article feedback

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If you dyi and build your own coils, you should be able to get disposables down to under one dollar a day. I know that is where my cost is. A couple hundred dollars in hardware is all that is necessary. Personally I do not vape to save money. Vaping fast became a hobby and I go at it with that perspective. I love new mods, tanks, flavors. I love getting new tools of the trade as well. When it all boils down, I am probably close to break even but I haven’t bothered to look at that closely. I think part of my successful transition from smoking to vaping has been a mindset of “I vape” rather then “I no longer smoke”. Regarding how vaping is politicized beyond safeguarding my ability to vape, I really don’t give a shit. I don’t seek validation from everyone I meet regarding my vaping just like I didn’t with my smoking. My life, my choice, next contestant please.


With out a doubt I am way ahead of the game.At $10 A day Over 3.5 years I have saved $12700.On vaping I am sure I am around $4000 So far that is diy equipment mods, atomizers and coil building tools and wire.
I will not buy an addy that is not rebuildable.
I am by far way ahead and pulling away fast…I have started making my own box mods…


Most people come to vaping to #1 - To better their quality of life and #2 - To hopefully save some money.

I think most people these days (in the US) are conservative with their money. I’m upper middle class and sometimes you have to really weigh whether you want food or new Ejuice. LOL. With that being said. DIY is a must for me to learn and also making my own coils. Like others have said most costs come from Ejuice & buying replacement coils for sub ohm tanks.

Do you build? You said you’ve been vaping for a couple of years now. If not there are tons of useful information here and on MyVaporium.

If you don’t, you can start building and get a solid RDA or RTA, wire, cotton and a Coil Master Kit (whichever one is more cost effective). There are tons of reasonably priced and reliable RDA’s and RTA’s on the market.

A great RDA that is easy to build on, has good flavor, and is machined very well is the Peerless RDA (limited edition is the newer one : SS with the goon style drip tip).


Leilani I totally agree and on the other hand if you are not that handy there are good juices on the market like
no frill mls.A 120 is $11.99 and Aries Coils or coil master 2 for $10 that will last for months…
If you are willing to buy on line you can go cheap and get good products…A Win Win.
I just like to do it myself…


Me too after the scare last Aug I stocked up on everything boards wire boxes 510 I do not make my own box but I can sure rebuild the ones I own. same with my RTA jokingly the word replaceable atomizers not allowed to be used in my house plenty of my friends using though I have found the set up that works for me .DNA 250 is my goto board got few 200 but the charging on the 250 is so much faster I was going to order a spare Boreas but put it off for awhile I need to get VG And some juice flavoring first

I always get an evil grin driving by someone on the bus stop bench smoking a cigarette …uh like smoking is a car payment dude? Maybe we should promote vaping as a way to buy a car. :sunglasses: My gentler side realizes that getting from cigarettes to vaping requires information and resources. Too bad there isn’t a more socially approved campaign to promote vaping on just the economical sense for the less fortunate. Heh …just imagine that TV commercial …dude on bench gets wise to vaping and next scene cuts to him driving a car. They hand out condoms and hypodermic needles …couldn’t the Gumment hand out 600mah eGo pens?


Perspective… The newer vapors are brought in with the “Tim the tool man Taylor” philosophy. Therefor they are being sold the most inefficient atty’s, No ones teaching how to build for a specific power or to match the build to the atty but rather throw power at the thing till you can’t take the heat :frowning: On top of that they are locked into buying juice over the counter… I can see how it would become crazy expensive!


In the last years I saved over 15.000 Euros in cigarette money.

My vaping costs shouldn’t even be 1/10th of that… I started to DiY fairly early, and switched to making my own coils as soon as I could…


Vaping is cheap as dirt UNTIL you get into the hobby aspect of it. It’s all those mods, rdas and tanks that’ll drain the ole pocketbook quickly :slight_smile:


100% agree for bargain EJuice. I buy those as well.

It’s so funny. Thursday night in Zoom many people recommend: No Frills Mills, & I will be ordering the No Frills Mills next.

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I like what you’re saying but there’s a little-known, almost taboo reason why so many of the underclass smoke. Nicotine has a therapeutic value for many mental health conditions. It’s self-medication. For myself, i have a number of of “learning disabilies” for instance, and i know damned well that nicotine helps sharpen my mind. But I never dared say so, until research started supporting that statement. Of course there’s quite a big crossover between people with mental health conditions and poor people.

Where’s the relevance, you’re wondering? Well, l quite a lot of those people won’t be able to drive , never mind how much monrey they have. Again, using self as an example, my combination of dyslexia, dysptaxia/ataxia and seizures would make me quite deadly on the road, and if iI ever applied for a driving licence, I’d surely - and rightly- be refused. And , no, I’m not just one isolated case; the old “like attracts like” rule has seen to it that I’ve got know one heckova lot of others in a similar boat.

So hey! by all means, give the guy a vape :slight_smile: but don’t be surprised if he’s still stuck at the bus stop next year. :frowning:

(By the way, if you ever notice how all my posts get loads of edits-,that’s mostly because I type about as well as I’d drive chuckle)


Ha, I recently made a recipe called No Frills :smiley:
As for vaping being cheap, I’ve spend a bucketload of money in my enthusiasm for my new found hobby. The upside is that I have so much stuff that I could continue to vape for at least 10 years if not more and I’m only talking about, what shall we call it, software or liquidware? I would just have to buy some VG every now and then and when it comes down to the hardware, I never have to spend another dime in my lifetime.
I didn’t smoke much, RYO, and probably spend about 300 euro’s a year on tobacco so not much saving there, however, my weed addiction was costing me a lot more than that.
Since I vape, I only have a little toot before bedtime and that is saving me a hell of a lot of money :money_mouth_face:
BTW, I’m talking about weed, not wheat, cause messing around with wheat is really, really naughty.


“no frills, just tobacco…it is pretty good for a synthetic tobacco juice :wink:
Pleasantly robust”

LOL. 1) You are silly for that video. ahahaa. 2) Weed = $$$ unless you have a script. Puff puff then Give that vape a toot.

Awesome @Josephine_van_Rijn. It’s great you made this for your sister. I don’t vape much tobacco flavors (I vaped a ton when I first started vaping) but people are getting me interested in RY4…so I might cave in and get it.

And, that’s what’s up that you have so much vape gear and liquid. I vape like it’s going out of style, so I’m constantly running low on EJuice. I just started DIYing, and the batches that I have made take at least 2-4 weeks to steep. Argh.

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Wait. I totally forgot to ask. Do you smoke weed or Vape it (because it’s healthier and can save you $) ?

Thanks for the share. I do know this, and it’s the reason I did the Angel on one shoulder and a Devil on the other. Mental acuity aside, I find openness and bravery are better traits. Me? I just struggle with the Angels and Demons :wink: …with a nicotine sharpened mind.
[insert high-fiving emoji here]


I just put a few crumbs in a little water pipe, I’ve got a vaporiser but I just don’t like it. I’m not too concerned about the health hazards of that little toot, I breath in more shit when I’m walking the dog.

The people suffering from mental health conditions have been hit pretty hard by the no indoor smoking policies. I’m talking about the people who are (temporarily) committed.
The majority of mental patients are smokers and it is punishment enough to be locked up without having to depend on the goodwill of a nurse to allow you to go out for a smoke.

We don’t have scripts, we’ve got coffeeshops, everywhere :laughing: