Vape Mail! 2015-2016

Oh alright, if you must know. Just needed a few Eleaf Isticks 50w and 20w units, Iclicks for the ladies (PINK), Plume, Patroit, Tugboat, Doge, tobh atty, Efest highdrain 18650, Aspire ETS and Viva Nova tanks, Coils. I got yellow printer paper too, does that count? LOL

Jeebus! That’s quite a haul ! I love the 50 watt…absolutely no exp with the rest of the gear. I’ll got an aqua v2 on the way …that’s as close to a dripper as I’ll be getting till I see how it goes .

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What, you never had experience with yellow printer paper? Sheltered life dude LOL

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Never vaped it but pretty sure I’ve used it in a pinch with some other form of combustion !!

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Woot! Vape Mail!! Seven new tobacco types and a few restock flavors. I’ll be busy tonight!


Vape Mail, Party Time, Excellent LOL

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A bit of inspiration :smiley:


Not sure where your buying from but you can get the same flavors in 6ml bottles at one stop diy shop for 1.50 for FW and 1.65 for TPA… Just thought I would let you know.

I’m in Canada . So with the exchange rate it’s not worth it buying from the states

Vape Mail Saturday at Jondamon’s house.

2x Strawberry
1x Strawberry Ripe
2x Coconut Concentrated
2x Seedmans BAVARIAN Cream
1x Dr Stanley Clarke’s Snake Oil 6mg.
5x5ml dropper bottles for my test mixes.

Thought I would try out the Snake Oil before cloning.


I got these in today :+1: :

2x 28mm Stillare RDA
1x 28mm Hades RDA
34 Gauge Kanthal Wire A

Alluring Vapors
1x Tobeco Geyser RDA Clone

1 Cheesecake (Graham Crust)-4oz
1 French Vanilla Flavor-4oz
1 Fruit Circles Flavor-15ml

On order for next week. I’ll be watching the mail box impatiently all week for these :email: :

Vaporizer Chief
Sigelei 150W Box Mod Grand Total: $103.45 USD (Color: Black)

TEMCo Flat Ribbon Kanthal Wire 0.9 x 0.1 mm (0.0354 x 0.004 in) - 25 FT 0.16 oz Series A-1 Resistance AWG
TEMCo Kanthal Wire 28 Gauge - 100 FT 0.61 oz Series A-1 Resistance AWG
TEMCo Kanthal Wire 32 Gauge - 100 FT 0.25 oz Series A-1 Resistance AWG
4 Efest Purple IMR 18650 2500mAh 35A 3.7v Rechargeable Flat Top Batteries $31.96

1 Dragonfruit Flavor-4oz
1 Marshmallow Flavor-4oz
1 Ripe Banana Flavor-4oz
1 Strawberries and Cream Flavor-4oz
1 Vanilla Swirl Flavor-4oz
1 Watermelon Flavor-4oz

FlavourArt 20% off @ ECX
1 Virginia Tobacco by FlavourArt Size120ml
1 Strawberry by FlavourArt Size30ml
1 7 Leaves Tobacco by FlavourArt Size120ml
1 MTS Vape Wizard by FlavourArt Size30ml

Skin Decal Wrap for Sigelei 150W vapor mod sticker vape Cherry Wood
Skin Decal Wrap for Sigelei 100W Plus vapor mod sticker vape Purple Lightning


Just wanted to update my vape mail.

I’m currently vaping the Dr Stanley Snake Oil.

I cleaned my nautilus base, broke out the glass tank instead of my usual metal cage and switched to a brand new coil.

Oh my god. I can see why many folks have chosen this as their ADV.

Lovely aniseed flavour on the I hale with hints of citrus/lemon and a nice cooling aniseed exhale.

Just simply WOW.

I can’t wait to start working on the clone of this now.


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I’ve always wanted to try this one . It’s just too expensive to get shipped here . Let me know when you concoct a good clone !

I will indeed.

I’m going to start with the one on ELR goldfish_chaos from reddit or something to that effect and try to rework it if I think it needs anything else.

2 ingredients listed on the bottle are star anise and limonene.

So that maybe a rework option after the first try.

But yeah it’s definately a premium juice. Here in the UK I paid £6.75 for 10ml. That’s around $9USD

I could easily vape 10ml of this juice in 48hours.

It’s not a juice I’d consider being my ADV simply because of cost.

But if I can clone it well enough I’ll be happy to have it as my ADV.

I’m about 2ml into a 5ml tank and to be completely honest it’s just simply great.

I couldn’t get bored with this juice.

Every so often you begin picking out other flavours and now during inhale and initial exhale I’m also tasting a black liquorice undertone. Very very subtle underneath the aniseed.

It truly is worth its price tag.


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Does your shop fill online orders?

Hi NewDrip; Sorry but no. I used to do the online thing with my prior business (Sterling Silver Jewelry) but was quite burnt out with it after 20 years of it. I’m happy to just do my store and being able to talk with people personally. That’s for me these days. Thanks for asking!!!

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Ok Thanks. I was just curious. I shop a lot and was gonna do a little biz with you.

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My Sig 150w came in today and a couple other gadgets.


I’m so jealous right now . I have my aqua V2 coming this week and can’t wait !!

Awesome! Congrats! :smiley: