Vape Mail! 2015-2016

What are you expecting in the mail …share and make us jealous


If I must. Just placed a order with TPA/TFA and bought a few staples, thumb tacks, and ball point pens. Sorry I just couldn’t resist that one. Actually when I say staples I mean flavor I use constantly and must replenish from time to time. Those being…

Cotton Candy or EM
French Vanilla Cream
Caramel Original

Also getting a number of flavors I have not used before and of course hope are the bomb. Those being…

Almond Amaretto
Blueberry Wild
Cocoa Essence (natural)
Creme De Menthe
DX Banana Cream
Hpno Type Flavor
Malted Milk
Mexican Liqueur Flavor
Milk Chocolate Flavor
RY4 type

That’s it. Believe me, you guys are not drooling anymore than I am. Plenty of new stuff to play with and will have to wait till next week for it to get here. So Sad!

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Dang!! Some staples there for sure !! I was wondering what that hypno is all about !!

Here’s their description…

Hpno Type Flavor **
water soluble

This flavor is very similar to the flavor of the Hpnotiq Liqueur. It is a
citrus/grapefruit flavor with a hint of tropical juice.

**** can not ship overseas - must ship by ground

A friend of mine wants me to make her some juice so she ordered some flavors from Wizard that will be here next week…
Orange Cream
French Vanilla
Double choc dark
Irish cream
Vanilla custard V2
Apple pie V2
Boston cream pie V2
Wild blueberry
Juicy peach
Smooth flavor

She vacationed in Roatan off the coast of Belize and they serve a drink called a Monkey La La… she wants a juice version of it… so I get to play.


Apple pie ,pie crust,piña colada, Irish cream, blueberry,Kaluah & cream , sweat cream,pomegranate , vanilla custard v2 , koolada , banana nut bread , caramel cappuccino , dragon fruit, smooth , strawberry(ripe), Banana Foster , Pineapple . Most are TFA or flavour west , vanilla custard is capellas tho

Just got my order in today to sample so different flavors. Three flavor west 10ml bottles. A chocolate mint, strawberry kiwi, and a double dutch. And a dram of LorAnn pina colada. Hope they are good. Cant wait to try them though :smile:

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I’m jealous, My package was said to be delivered today, was it, noooo. That’s the USPS for you. The 3 day 2 day priority mail… Never have figured out why they don’t just call it that.


My package was supposed to be here today and wasn’t here when I got home …was looking forward to doing some mixing

Yea I hate waiting on USPS or UPS. Thinking your going to get some new flavors and getting excited to try them and how your going to mix them up. Then to get home to disappointment. Especially knowing tomorrows Sunday.

Yes I need some new flavours to experiment with …I grow tired of my current juice supply

This thread died so I figure ill get it going again ! I’m waiting for a bunch of RTA ! I have a Fogger v6 an Orchid V6(glass tank), Aqua V2 …and against every shred of advice given I bought a Kayfun V4( Infinite version) . And replacement glass for those tanks as well as my Lemo . Although I’m sure they will all still be lacking compared to my Goblin ( which daath should buy)

Yesterday’s vape mail for me… Venturi RDA. Best flavor I’ve had on any RDA to date.

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I may just end up getting one of these bad boys ! I’m looking forward to a few new flames 1 of : Captain Crunch by FlavorWest - 30 ML
$6.95 Processing
1 of : Cheesecake by FlavorWest - 3 ML
$1.45 Processing
1 of : Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Flavor by TFA / TPA - 3 ML
$1.45 Processing
1 of : Double Dutch Chocolate Flavor by FlavorWest - 3 ML
$1.45 Processing
1 of : Jamaican Rum Flavor by FlavorWest - 3 ML
$1.45 Processing
1 of : Lemon Meringue Pie by Capella’s - 3 ML
$2.45 Processing
2 of : Malted Milk by TFA / TPA - 3 ML
$2.90 Processing
2 of : Mango Flavor by Inawera - 3 ML
$5.90 Processing
1 of : Mocha by TFA / TPA - 3 ML
$1.45 Processing
1 of : Orange Cream Flavor by TFA / TPA - 3 ML
$1.45 Processing
1 of : Raspberry (Berryl) Flavor by Flavour Art - 3 ML
$2.95 Processing
2 of : Root Beer Float Flavor by TFA / TPA - 3 ML
$2.90 Processing
1 of : Sour 20% by TFA / TPA - 3 ML
$1.45 Processing
1 of : Sugar Cookie Flavor by Capella’s - 3 ML
$2.45 Processing
1 of : Swedish Gummy by TFA / TPA - 3 ML
$1.45 Processing
1 of : Toasted Almond Flavor by Capella’s - 3 ML
$2.45 Processing
1 of : Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Flavor by FlavorWest - 3 ML
$1.45 Processing
1 of : Vanilla Custard V2 Flavor by Capella’s - 30 ML
$6.95 Processing
1 of : Walnut Flavor by Flavour Art - 3 ML. Anybody had any of these that can comment ?

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This is an incredibly versatile flavoring. I use it in a half dozen recipes, one of them i grabbed from the CAP thread on Reddit. I renamed it and cant remember the name anymore but here it is:

Sinnamon Toast Yum

7.5% Sugar Cookie (CAP)
5% Cinnamon Danish Swirl (CAP)
2.5% Vanilla Custard (CAP)

I have 16oz of this made.


I grabbed more vanilla custard V2 …I know ppl say the original is better …I’d rather not know ! But ya that was a Flavor I was really excited to try . I’ll have to try that recipe …I believe I have all those ingredients !

I was wondering, Hmmmm, is there such a thing as a Vape Drive. Cause that’s what I did today. Went after shop supplies LOL

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That’s even better!! Instant Gratification! What did you get your hands on?

Oh gosh I wasn’t gonna say cause I didn’t want to spoil it for you guys. Just wanted to make a joke. Let’s just say some 50 watters, RDAs, Mods, Batteries, Atomizers, coils, the usual.

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Oh come on !!! Let’s have er !! Spill it …make us jealous