Vape Mail 2017!

Alrighty people. New year, new vape mail thread! What kinda great stuff have you gotten so far this year? :stuck_out_tongue: I’m waiting on some boring coils, nothing new.


I have only gotten some flavors from Inawera and bottles. Thats about it so far :wink:


Haven’t received anything vape related yet but I am waiting on two packages , one is a pack of ceramic coils for the the Ultimo and a mod by @Whiterose0818. He said the mod should be ready shortly.:yum:
After fighting this cold for over a month I have decided to keep a few more factory coil options stocked up in case of emergency.
Very happy with the flavor and life of the Joyetech Ultimo tank.


Do I need to drive up there with some GrandMa’s medicine ?
120 proof with honey…6 jar minimum (shared-you and I)
Me,…for preventative medicine, eh?


Package was sent priority mail this morning!


You and any medicine will always be welcomed here @ozo . Thank you kindly , I am feeling much better now.The Z pack has finally started to work… of course the 120 proof with honey always works!


Wow , Happy Dance! :smiley:


Preventative medicine is always better, agree? We all need to stay healthy…
so we can pay taxes. Or defend our rights. Or in my case, as young as I am,
be a better lover.
You are close to some good medicine in Cadiz, but the hills around me are full of it.
DIY is not only for vapers, eh? Gotta love it. Want me to bring some Hopi medicine
with me? Health of the body and mind.
Popeye had spinach…in a can. Hopi has it from the Earth. :smile_cat:


I got to work to find THIS:

From our friends at … it contained THIS

Which is the rather spiffing packaging for THIS:

Which is the supplied silicone case for THIS:

My Christmas present from my Kelly :

WOWOWOW ! again !!!


There was a sale on IPV D3’s for super-duper cheap so I grabbed one of them (I couldn’t afford not to). It was also time to restock on some flavors so I just ordered ~10 re-ups and a few new flavors–there has to be something good to make with green and chamomile tea, right? Not together, of course.

actually WW, I went and got a bottle of Tea juice over xmas, it is bloody lovely and I aim to clone it … and I’m almost certain I taste green tea in it.
whatever it is … I think that tea adds a mouthwateringness

Love the way this year is starting out.

When I get vape mail from @Skullblade789

First of all the packaging. Anybody can use newspaper, styrofoam, or bubble wrap…but rayon and cotton?

And what could be worth using all this fine packing?

Just 1050ml consisting of NETs, an assortment of his wonderful dark pipes, and a couple of dozen premium mixes.

And I guess he got tired of seeing pictures of my mods riding around on my toolbox in a roll of duct tape. He has a talent with rope. No, this is not 50 Shades of Gray, this is a secure place to hold my mods as I’m rolling through the plant.


That is fantastic. I am a huge HG Giger fan. I want one of those.


You are most welcome. I apologize it took so long. Life kind of got in the way.


Brother, thank you so very much. Worth the wait. Plus they actually had time to steep. You think I would have given them any steep time?

These NETs are about 9 moths old?


@Skullblade789 it’s definitely the best LOOKING mod I own, and I imagine possibly the best looking I will ever own,
and it feels amazing in my paw !

I will add too, that the packaging is bar none the absolute best I have ever seen.
a thick silicone rubber moulded tray, housing the mod, with it’s moulded silicone sleeve, and a braided, branded usb cable.
its like they know their biggest selling point is in the aesthetics of the mod so they have gone ALL OUT with top quality packaging, this is a real collectors piece while being functional too !


The liquid flavor is, the steeping for the liquid itself is 1 month. Hopefully I said this right. Been kind of a hectic day.

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So vape mail for me. I needed tools. I also got some SS Alien coils. I am sucking at making coils right now. Great at juices but not good at coils.


Havent gotten anything in yet but I do have 500’ of rayon and a serpent mini 25mm on their ways eventually this year lol


About time!..awesome score brother :wink: