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Vape Mail 2018


Mail man had a surprise for me today…

WAs expecting one drop…

But to my surprise beakers arrived a day early.


Are these beakers flat? Is that what it’s called? No idea, lemme try explaining it.

All my true pyrex beakers are flat on the bottom, but they are too big for my smaller samples.

All my 20-50 ml beakers are not fully flat, while it’s not much visible, moment I place them on my magnetic stirrer, the magnet will just go to the left or right.

Making it very frustrating. I don’t need 100% pyrex but they do need to be flat! Lol


They are pretty much flat… work fine with my mag mixer…



A buck apiece, good deal.


Got the new panels, bottle and refill bottle for my warranty replacement pulse 80w frame today.

Tossed my old pulse 22 on it and filled it up with some DIY Bourbon Tuscan Reserve:


A few concentrates for a creamy, nutty recipe I am planning on mixing


That Hazelnut is awesome. I just got a 50ml of the Butter Pecan Pie I can’t wait to try. I have a ton of recipes I plan on using it in but I should probably run a SF test on it also.


The hazelnut did smell fantastic. Pecan smells really buttery to me which ticks a box. 30ml mix done and sat in a warm bath before a good shake.


Busting a Nut with entirely Real Flavors?


I did take a nosey at that recipe, well spotted. :wink:

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I will be mixing/testing my variant of that very soon. I got an almost all RF SC version of the Bust A Coffee Nut in my rotation right now that is very good but it was mixed before I got the Butter Pecan Pie so I used Butter Toffee in it’s place with OSDIY Lotta Latte because I didn’t have an RF SC Coffee/Cappucino, or the RF French Vanilla, flavor when I mixed it.

edit: speaking of, I think I am almost out of Lotta Latte so it is probably time to place another RF order but I don’t think I can fit another bottle of concentrate into my mini fridge. :disappointed_relieved:


From @Alisa,

I have a variation with a bit of shisha apple that works well for me


Order from solubarome. Wanted chestnut, ordered 30 others. Mostly rare stuff they are the only ones to do. Lots of herbs, a couple rare citrus, tomato and basil, fig, prune, date and their ginger which seems to be pretty good from smell/taste.
If only I had not forgotten orange blossom…

Which other mixer is costing you money, and is it worth it?

On the bright side, you can get an additional 30 flavors if you go and get orange blossom :rofl:

Glad I’m not the only one that ends up with 20+ flavors i didn’t plan on purchasing but only wanted ONE specific lol


I only got 4 extra, from another supplier… already ordered :slight_smile:
Now, they do include a free flavour in the orders, I was worried that it was going to be it but it is Beignet (~doughnut). Thing is Solubarome has a 14€ shipping fee for UK, so I had to go through another supplier with a more reasonable 3.

My fingers smells like herb garden right now. Some of the stuff feel like it is going to be good, the prune is surprising.

Chestnut, vanilla and orange blossom is a combination I really want to try.

All I can taste is tarragon after a drop test. This one might be on the stronger side. Just need someone to find me a bottle of

to experiment :slight_smile:


got my two Limitless Gold RDTAs today. Love 'em. The fill plug thing is a bit annoying… Not annoying enough from stopping me from ordering two more though!


I have a bunch of these and out of all the limitless rtda’s I like these the best, I think they are better built than the classic or the other ones, I don’t even bother with that little plug, in theory its nice to seal it off but its more of a pain than its worth so I just leave it out. a great deal for that price, and even at $9.00 I paid at the time I think were well worth it. when they were new they were around $40, I also like you can swap all the decks that are available too. I was thinking of getting more when I seen that price but I already have 5 in use and 5 in the box new. also my sqounks have not left my hand ever since I got the them. lol.


@SuperFrog Did you get the Breakfast ?


No, the only one shot I got is ‘rupture de stock’ ( litteraly ‘sold out’) as I thought that if you can afford to call a product so poorly and people are still positive about it, there must be something right about it.
Breakfast is available from rainbowvapes so I felt less inclined.
I was expecting their concentrates to be weak as their one shots, i tried a few that were hitand miss last Christmas, but it is not the case. Chestnut at 2% is clearly too much.
When I see people talking of 15% I feel sorry for them.