Vape mail ban Canada ( Fed Ex lets up )

So I found out that fed ex here on Canada dropped the vape mail ban because they were finding they couldn’t deliver things like ventolin ( blue puffer)
Is that a thing where you guys live? Mostly in the United States?


We do have inhalers here, but I haven’t heard any reversing the vape mail ban though …


Ill post the conversation I had with 8vape. That’s who informed me of this ban being overturned it only happened a month ago.


@ladycrooks please do. Apparently currently in the US, we have cornered the market in full on STUPID, so I can only hope that we look to our neighbors to the North, and follow suit. Thank you for sharing this.



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Lord Have Mercy!!! We have at that.


Agree, keeping the information more easily accessible will make for a better forum experience. If it is just a cluster F then the forum will eventually die and rightfully so.

@Lostmarbles makes a great point about not having enough mods here anymore. I know we got a cool new one so hopefully it starts getting smoother again.

@ladycrooks new topics for everything just throw off the flow of the forum. An example is the new thread you made for flavors you just got it. ELR already has a popular thread for that, the Vape Mail Thread. If all of us made new threads for vape mail it would get so confusing we would all leave for a forum that was more organized. It is all about keeping the flow of information in an organized and easily accessible manner.

@VapeGnarly333 I did see that comment about reviving old threads but it is not the norm. If I remember right it was about 4 to 6 old threads being revived by one new poster in a row and it might have been a spam poster. 1 or 2 examples or 1 or 2 forum members should not spoil the whole forum.

I have to admit this forum has changed a lot over the last few years but so has vaping in general. We lost a lot of good people who just moved on or got tired of the bickering. A lot of excellent mods too who were ignored or just made to feel unappreciated, I think that made a huge difference, they kept this place in check.


, I’m almost positive no I am positive I apologized for this 4 or 5 days ago…I haven’t used a forum ever before now. I wasn’t aware of how to use it thats all it was.


That’s cool, glad you did :+1:

If you check my post it was 7 days ago, not 4 or 5 days ago.

I am not trying to make you feel bad, just trying to inform you on what makes the forum flow. I hope you stick around, just realize the forum works better when the flow works for everyone’s best interest.


Well, we are exceptional.