A PUBLIC and Civil Discussion on the Rules

They are just regular users.


It still wouldn’t hurt to put a mandatory reason for the edit with it, with perhaps a copy of the original title as well


The original wording on the title can be seen when you click on the pencil after the edit is done.


i meant to reply to you with this but I got sidetracked many times over lol…we were asked categorically to either edit or delete the reviews, so very much tarred with the brush of filth lol :pensive:


Wow! This is a huge thread. Too much to read. And I missed the vote. I see this has become a pretty big issue. I don’t think it should be, everything is great at ELR besides a couple ppl going a little to far on the innuendos in multiple threads. Just tell those ppl to take it to the saloon or NSFW and everything is good.


Is creating a new thread for EVERY thing that crosses your mind a thing where you live?

Especially when more often than not, there’s already a thread (or more) on it… :sigh:


Dang bro. She is just asking questions on the forum. You don’t have to go in her threads if they annoy you that much.

Forums lol, always “ask whatever you want. There are no stupid questions”

Then you ask and it’s “use the search someone asked in the past, we would rather have no new conversations about past topics… ever”

Not mad btw! It’s just Wednesday morning let’s all take a breath and get along lmao.


I love rude ignorants just like you… keep em coming. I love it.btw there’s an ignore button for the same reason. Its called mute this user that works. Too.


Actually this is correct . There are many threads already created with information pertaining to some things .

I’ll give you all an example .

Private recipe sneak peeks
What are you mixing
New Recipe Showcase

These are all threads dedicated to Recipe Sharing . So that’s where we would like people to share recipes instead of opening a new thread just to showcase one recipe .

I know its not the same thing as what you all are talking about , however when a user get a nre flavor they can search for all of the info on that flavor instead of creating a new thread …There is nothing wrong with bringing back an old thread with new questions in that thread …

@VapeGnarly333 its not that people dont want new conversations we love new conversations . The problem is over the last 7years we have had to repeat and repeat and every once in awhile we get new members who hop on here with requests and questions that have been answered over and over before they search . We try to push people to learn how to research before just creating a thread that will just die after a couple answers are given .

For example

Here is a new thread that is a great thread especially since so many new flavors and mixers have emerged since the last thread similar was created .

Creating new threads for every question is frowned upon…


And I keep telling people “on ELR you can just ask, nobody will kick you for a stupid or an old question! It’s not a computer forum!”
Just wondering why it is frowned upon? Ask a question, talk about it with whoever is interested, possibly get a link to the other discussions and let the thread rest in peace like so many others. Databases don’t mind.
If it’s getting too bad then the mods could start with a pm instead of rubbing it in in public. I’m not complaining, i just enjoyed the absence of “google it” and “use the search” advice. When I started here i asked silly questions but lots of people happily gave me good advice which I could have found with the search function. But it was much nicer not to be told off.


The rules and advice for this forum are easily found and explained in the FAQ section.


“One way to improve the discussion is by discovering ones that are already happening. Please spend some time browsing the topics here before replying or starting your own, and you’ll have a better chance of meeting others who share your interests.”


I wonder why in forums then you always get the “nice job reviving a 2 year old thread” jab from people when you do search and post in an old one. There really is no winning either way sometimes lol.

I’ve actually had things I’ve wanted to ask but don’t because I feel like I will end up in this situation where its a “bad” thread. So it’s almost discouraging to post anything.


I am discouraged that is for sure. That is me rn. I am trying to delete them actually


ok I have deleted whatever I can over thenoast months at least before so relax


I can’t speak about other forums but I will say that 99% of the members here are helpful. Please understand, it is frustrating at times to many when someone just starts a new thread (not post within a thread) without trying the search function first. It comes across as “can’t be bothered to look, answer me now”.

Anyway, this thread has been derailed enough. Don’t feel as if you can’t ask questions. :+1:


Respectfully, if someone was to search for an answer to their question it would be in one or two threads which would allow a person an efficient way to gain an answer. If there are 10 threads with the same topic, they may not be so inclined to look for their answer in that manner. Back when there were a bunch of moderators to tackle this issue, the threads would be merged so that effect would be in place. Unfortunately this takes a lot of time and there aren’t enough mods to “clean it up”. IMO as responsible adults, it would make sense to look things up and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, ask a question and there will be a 90% chance that someone will be able to point you in the right direction to the proper thread. You can always PM someone who’s been around a bit too. I haven’t found anyone who isn’t happy to help someone, when asked. Creating new threads for a topic that already exists just creates a muddled forum.

Not meaning to lecture, just offering my two cents.


I don’t mind new threads at all. In fact I like that they are renewed. If I can’t contribute, or if I don’t feel like it, or if I don’t like the style, I just ignore it.
I always say that there is a lot of information in the forum, I have spent many hours reading the old posts, but we are not all the same. There are people who get excited, and are discovering the process … It is so vital! It rejuvenates me to see excited people!


Thank you for gettimg there before me MisterSinner…@Bad Influence there are a lot of answers already answered and in those threads are great answers that maybe will help others that we may not bring up in New threads…While i say its frowned upon that doesnt mean anyone is going to be suspended or banned or whatever but they should be prepared to get the type of replies like someone adding links to existing threads or comments like " use search bar" . When these replies happen the OP shouldnt get offended.


Fair enough, you’re right. We were just one of the few forums where it was never mentioned and I just enjoyed that nobody seemed to care. I don’t want it to become a forum where you have to follow a procedure first before you can get answers and some fun. Or are you afraid it’s drifting off already and it’s become necessary to act?


I promise you the forum is gonna still be what it is …We are gonna disagree and debate , scream thru words typed then be BFFs again lol…I volunteered to be Mod just so I can help when people needed it not to be the Forum Sherriff , i get lots of PMs from several people asking me if I can help so now I can …Ill depend on people like you to help . I think the point sprksfly was trying to make was that every question doesnt have to be a new thread that was all . Believe me I dont want to make this a job so if everyone is having fun it will be easy and if I make a mistake reach out and advise me

I think for some newer members they dont realize the massive amount of kniwledge from the past and we should remind them there is a tool that will help and if it doesnt help , then create a thread , the more we read what others have said the more we can pass on