Vape Mall users, explain this to me?

Not exactly a beginner question, but I wasnt sure where to post. I see a lot of members here recommending Vape Mall, I tried it today. Placed some flavors in my Cart, added a coupon, calculated shipping, etc.

And then this happened:

Is this normal? No other US website has charged me so much tax, eliquid or otherwise. Needless to say, I did not complete my order, but I’m pretty angry that I spent so much time choosing liquids for nothing.


Are you in the US? Appears to be your states vape sales tax. I’m in Massachusetts and depending on where I’m ordering from and how much I’m spending, most places add 75% (my) states tax. Element only does it if I spend over $50. Usually something for $100 is double between tax and shipping. I don’t order vape gear anymore because of it.


Personally I’d empty my cart and see if Bull City Flavors (BCF) has what you need. They have distanced themselves from having a “vaping” profile while still serving the vaping community.


Yes, I’m in the US. But I’ve never seen tax that exorbitantly high with any other online ejuice seller.


You just taught me something about my state! I didn’t know MA was so high. Maybe because of the very few places I order from and they happen to not charge taxes like that. When I ordered from Ohm City in FL to try that King’s Crest and Cream Team ya’ll were talking about? Well, no issue with taxes from them, nor Lightfire in FL or MVS in NY. Most other places won’t even ship to me unless they’re located in China, lol.

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Are you in Ma?

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I used them awhile back and wasn’t charged much for shipping

Yes ma’am! :grinning:

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Well hiya neighbor!

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