Vape recommendations

My wife is very new to vaping and she has started out with the Innokin Z50 which is pretty much the ideal starter kit, the shop assistant told us when we bought it is a MTL device.
I have the Geek Vape Obelisk 120FC which is obviously different than hers, but we want to get your opinion/recommendations on what vape we should buy next ?
The times that she has had a go on mine, I have had to turn the wattage down to about 18 so she doesn’t start coughing.
We are looking for something which would sit somewhere between her’s and mine, if there is such a product.


IMHO, vaping is personalized. If you like higher wattage and low ohms, than that’s what you like. If you like lower wattage and higher ohms, good for you too.

If your wife have a different preference in vaping compared to you, than, you know, she like what she likes.

For your question, what do you like in a mod? Resilience? Higher battery capacity (dual battery)? Single battery?


As she’s a lower wattage vaper, Innokin has a new single battery mod that looks pretty sharp. Innokin is a quality brand with fewer issues than most. Leather palm grip.
Looks like this.


Generally there are different things to consider. Bot your mods use internal batteries. The obelisk seems to be fast charging, but I think most people tend to go to devices which use external batteries and charge them in a charger. This allows you to have always an extra set batteries with you and you don’t have to wait on recharging.

I started with internal batteries too because I was scared of handling this external batteries. But the scary stories are from the past. Nowadays there are many protections in place and if you damage a battery wrap you easy re-wrap with a hair dryer or even most vape shops do it for free.

That said, there’s really the next step in some of your preferences of the Mod. If you let us know what’s relevant we can come up with some good recommendations.

After the mod you can decide if you want to consider rebuilding your coils or continue to use pre-build coils. Also there are beginner friendly options with a lot of flavor.


@SteveTC @big_vape Thanks for the info fellas and I think that if my wife does get a new vape that she will probably stick with the Innokin brand as she is really happy with this brand. @big_vape the model that you posted looks likely to be the one she will look at when she is next at the vape shop here in town.
Thanks fellas :grin:


It’s better to stick with a brand you know and trust. As long as it has the functions you know and love, then you’re set.

Admittedly, I like to keep things simple and find 3 buttons to be my upper limit.


@SquirrelSmash thanks for the reply and my wife agrees with you she said. So she will stick with Innokin as a brand but MTL device.


Good. I hope she’s happy. I use a range of mods for me and a few mech mtls around the wife.

I am hoping a series of delicate blends sways her.