Vape related comedy

So, I just wanted to share a funny but crazy behind story that happen to me the other day.
I moved to Bellingham, wa. ( the city ecigsexpress and Mt. baker vaper are in. ) but they don’t let u pick up flavors so no need to get jelly.

Anyhow, I have some nicotine on the way but it’s not here yet so I was itching to mix, I went in search of a vape shop you know the ones that mix the stuff up while you wait. Well, I walked into this one and started asking the lady if they sale unflavored bases ( basically I said I’d wanted nicotine and vg mixed)
she came back from the back of the store with a flipping litter of PURE NICOTINE in her hand with NOOO
gloves on !!! I bought lost my sh*t …uhhhh lady you wana put that down you don’t have gloves on…
oh I know ppl tell me all the time SMDH one day will be too soon if she keeps that up.

Then I went around the corner to a super awesome vape store pretty fancy and they did a special batch for me. I told them that story and they laughed and said , yea well she’ll give you the best price? I guess bc she is an Asian woman IDK, the person who said it was Vietnamese so who knows.

I was Very careful to ask in a round about way, please tell this is Not the Local Nicotine LOL they smiled and said Absolutely not.

My nicotine should be here tomorrow or Tuesday !!! Crazy Lady huh ( you can’t fix stupid )


Like PURE nic, not 100mg/ml?

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Yes like 100% pure it was thick and brown. And the bottle had been opened because it was a 1/4 full.

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holy shit, what shop was that?

B’ham is a great town; I went to WWU. I gotta get up there soon and shop my line around.

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Well I did say something not too nice like
Can’t fix stupid so I’ll PM you the name. I don’t want to say bad things personally u know the say’n. It was just a crazy thing for her to do after being told countless times don’t do that you can die.

And yes B’ham is awesome ! I just moved from Seattle to here and I am loving the new change of scenery.

I was travel nursing but I fell in love with this area so I took a great job at one of the local hospitals so excited ! Will be working CVICU haven’t done open heart just mainly ICU so will be ecstatic about what’s to come town and job !

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Wow! Something tells me they may be hiring someone soon! That’s unbelievable that someone who runs a vape shop doesn’t know better! That’s like walking into a gun shop and the guy looks down the barrel pulling the trigger to see if it’s not loaded! Stupid indeed!
Congrats on your new home!! I always imagined Mt Baker being the ultimate walk-in vape shop but I guess not (otherwise I would be uber jealous)
Enjoy your new city!!