Vape shop house blends

was wondering if anyone knew where most vape shops got their house blend ejuice recipes from ? they seem to have around 50 or so different juices on average . very curious

If it’s a house blend they make it in house.

Their supplies they may get them straight from the manufacturer or from companies like ecx or bull city flavors for example.

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i understand that . but where are they getting the recipes from seems like too much work for one person to just put together and start selling

They may mix in bulk. It doesn’t take that long. On Sunday I mixed around 20 individual recipies in about 3 hours. That includes setup cleanup and shaking each bottle. If I didn’t have to setup and tear down the process time would be much shorter.


It’s usually a shop employee who does DIY and either gets hired exclusively to mix for the shop or gets the okay of the owner to sell their mixes as a house brand. They get their supplies the same way we do. I’d imagine they get their recipes the same way any of us do.


…any one of the hundreds of recipe sites on the innerwebs… just like the ELR recipe site… they look for the highest rated recipes, make those, and call them what they wanna call them. :smirk: Easy peasy.

the answer to you question is:

they get their supplies as WE do… same flavours etc etc…
probably they have an empolyee that works with them…
they make high amounts of each, so the only thing they have to do is just let them steep for a while and then place them in smaller bottles… that’s all…
probably the first time doing this for like 30-40 recipes will take some time but after that, when something is coming near to it’s end you just have to refill make just a few bottles of “X” recipes that are ending… :slight_smile:

hope this helps:)