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Vape shop mixing ( honest answers )


is it too hard to be nice or is being a smartass a better road to a wonderful life?

people say to ask questions so I asked but yet im getting beatdown with nonsense!!!

is it too hard to answer and move on or do you get a kick out of running your mouth? jesus Christ!!!


I guess the other mixing rooms are right about you guys… very disrespectful and rude when someone has a question. forget i said anything!!!


I am not sure who you are giving a spray to but you were answered respectfully if it was not the answer you were looking for then sorry - I can’t see any disrespect except by you in your last posts.


right…the blame always me. didn’t know God made perfect angels that never do wrong.


a matter of fact…not one of you answered my questions!!!

does a vape shop use 10% or 20% yes or no? doesn’t take a master mind to answer the question!!!


I am glad other people seem to talk about us, I personally always form my own opinion regardless of other people.

I don’t know where anyone was rude, but here let me help you out, try other platforms and see what answer you’re getting there… Here’s an example: “read the god damn sitebar you xxxxxx” or “oh you don’t own these flavors? well gtxxxx”
Guess us trying to help wasn’t good or nice enough. Once again we wasted our time trying to help…for free. Enjoy your night.

doesn’t take a bachelors degree to find the search bar on top and start reading. Is that treatment better?


Your question was answered a few times - I am sure that a vape shop somewhere may apply that theory but every shop will do it their way.


does a shop use 3 flavors or 4? its a yes or no question. not a shit talking question. not hard to answer


all you had to say

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This is going nowhere