Vape shop mixing ( honest answers )

ok so basically when I mix up juice here at home. I mix more like a vape shop ( in words )

is it true that im being told that when it comes to vape shop ( house juice ) that they only use 3 flavors for 10% total and 4 flavors for 20% or is it still 3 flavors for 20% total?

is that question above true or false?

I don’t go overboard with my mixes. I keep mine simple. 2 flavors or 3 flavors.

if you are mixing up 20% then can somebody explain to me the numbers for each flavor?
example- strawberry 10 - Bavarian cream 6 - 4 vanilla custard. that is just an example of what I mean!!

thank you.

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Not sure where u got info to base each on the total %. Each flavor has a % where it is best, whether that be in a mix or as a single flavor. You have to research each flavor what that % may be and every brand is different.


so what the flavor calls for is what I need to follow? that’s what you are saying correct? same page here

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yup, you can pay no attention to the total, whatever works for the mix


next question. is tfa smooth or fw toner consider a flavor?

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sure, should be in the database

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because I have fw toner and it smells like a crisp green apple to me

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Not clear on what that even means.

Who knows? Maybe a vape shop employee will see this and chime in with an answer. I’m thinking there’s a really good chance that whomever told you this stuff is either misinformed or just bullshitting you.


there is one vape shop near me and how they do there 20% is 10% 6% 4%

another vape shop a few miles away from me does there mixes at 10% total. one of the guys told me that they do their 10% total like this. 5% 3% 2% to get 10% total

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Ok…so what’s the issue? Depending on the actual concentrates being used it could be any number of combinations.


why are people using tfa cheesecake graham crust at 5 and 6%?? the median says to use it at 3%

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vape shop owners…please help me with my questions. thanks

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Statistical file:
{1, 5}

Median: 3

Median is the statistical center so why not mixing at ether end of the spectrum to satisfy a profile need.


what do you mean either end? Im not understanding

used to classify something, or suggest that it can be classified, in terms of its position on a scale between two extreme or opposite points.

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Because there’s no rule or/and law that tells you the exact percentage.

Many people posted this as answer already, but I want to make that clear one more time, since I feel some people especially beginners are looking for a exact number.

This isn’t math were you have only one formula and one correct end result. In fact many roads lead to rome, some get there faster or slower then others, but the goal at the end is reaching rome.

Based on mixing it’s the same and we can’t stress enough single flavor testing. Start low and work up, mark the first time you taste the flavor till you taste something off/weird/muted/harsh etc. (Thanks to Smoky for that tip lol) write your notes and that’s your percentage and median. Or in other words “welcome to rome”

If you wanted to go by a median, that’s created by others based on their taste buds, look at the median and subtract 1-2% (depending on brand) and start there.

But again you wouldn’t know if the flavor is strong without testing it yourself at multiple percentage, steep times and hardware.

That also answers your prior question. Some stores do it, others dont. Some use 1 flavor and tons of sweetener, others dont. ETc. Can’t really answer this with “yes/no they all do/dont” kind of thing.


Every local shop that has house liquid will mix their own way. I don’t think there any consensus and as mentioned above, each flavor concentrate has its own sweet spot for different positions in a mix. You can’t do 10% with one and expect it to work with another. You gotta do some reading and testing. Testing is more important than reading, though. You can start low and work up with any flavor. Reading mostly gives you an idea where to start testing to save a few steps. But could throw you off because what worked for one may be off for you.

In my experience, the guys that do the selling aren’t the guys who do the mixing and don’t really know the kind of details you were told. If you weren’t talking to the mixologist I’d be skeptical.


Bryan22 you’re all over the place. What makes you think we’re vape shop owners? Is it just me or has this thread turned kinda weird?


it began weird


And aside from that what makes you think an answer from a vape shop owner is more valid - I would say the body of knowledge here is far greater than many vape shop owners.

@eStorm @Plunderdrum @anon13011326 @TorturedZen @worm1 are all spot on

There is no magic %