Vape tongue ? or just screwed taste buds

so i have been doing diy for almost a year now and love vaping on cereals fruit loops,fruity pebbles, and captain crunch mainly.
About a month ago i decided to buy a store bought e-juice just out of the blue was captain-j fruit stones…
anyways since i vaped on that i cant taste my normal mix anymore the fruitiness is gone all i can taste is he additives.

Here is my normal recipe
simple mix nothing special got it from somewhere on here but all i can taste now is the rice krispies and a little cream.

i decided to vape on other things for a month not touching the cereal and today i came back to it still not able to taste the fruit. is there any way to fix that?

i made another juice
Still only taste the extra stuff the fruit flavor is gone . i gave my mixes to friends who all say they taste great. Thought my flavoring might have went bad…

Unlikely if stored correctly. If it is indeed vapor tongue the cure for that is to vape unflavored juice for a while. I’d say at least a week. Going back to your flavored juice after a week of no flavor should be quite refreshing…

Might also make sure you’re drinking enough water. Vaping dehydrates ya. Dehydration can mess with your ability to taste.

They might have EM in the store bought stuff. That kills my taste.

I might try the unflavored juice for a week and see what that does for me. I try a lot of different flavors and the more i try the less i can taste.

sounds like a case of flavor fatigue, happens to me as well. I just can’t taste a flavor for a while so I vape something else and eventually I retry it and it’s good again. Happens to me with certain vanilla notes.

When I get it I notice it right away. Happens to most heavy vapers and I would imagine not so heavy vapers. Aside from drinking water (I prefer iced water too by the way) I’ve also found helpful -

A couple shots of scotch
A spicy meal (tacos, spaghetti, jambalaya, etc)
Vaping abstinence - go as long as I can before vaping again

If water doesn’t work, I do whichever of the above, in that order, I have on hand. Sucks when I have to lay off but at the same time a few hours can make a huge difference. I also have laid off for a while and sniffed coffee grounds repeatedly for a little while. That helps too but doesn’t last long. I’ve never had it follow me after a good night’s sleep though.


Was “other things” different fruity flavors? You might need to try staying away from anything remotely fruity for a bit? Unflavored would definitely cover that, but I find a good mint vape helps change things up too. I’ve never had proper vape tongue tho, so take my advice with a grain of salt.

when you say unflavored your talking about just vg/pg an nic?

Yep :slight_smile: It’s pretty good actually!

I find that a carbonated drink helps a little. 7UP, Ginger Ale and Sprite works for me along with water…but then again, it sounds like your case may be a bit more extreme.

I got it for the first time about 5 months ago…thought the world was goin to end :scream:!
What fixed it for me was PLENTY of carbonated mineral water, with ice & a squeeze of fresh lemon, regular sniffs of fresh ground coffee & minimal vape. Vaping un-flaverd nic juice is a great idea, I also heard a good blast of menthol vape can help too.
Hang in there… it’ll pass.


Typically helps a lot of things. :wink:

I do coffee. Remember, taste is mostly smell. Just like when you put on perfume or cologne, after awhile you don’t smell it anymore but other people do. Take a big whiff of some coffee grounds, drink some lemon water, brush your teeth, stay hydrated, vape a menthol liquid or just stick some menthol flavoring on your tongue, etc.

For me my best vape is in the morning with coffee. Everything tastes good.( well almost) Late at night have problems can’t taste juice.

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I got it bad today, couldn’t taste anything. Really ticked me off. Made me want to take all my bottles and start squeezing more flavor in every one of them but then they would just have to steep again. Meh,