Vape vs Smoke

Ya I know this is not scientific or a controlled environment yada yada.

I just found it interesting. I am sure there will be those that shit can the method used but shit can away all the crap in the smoking bottle used to go into my lungs and i am sure as shit glad it doesn’t now as are I suspect most of you.


Kinda scary how much filth we did put into our lungs back when we smoked and we did it willingly.
So glad those days are over :+1:


When I tried to quit cold turkey before vaping I had a lot of problems in the morning when drinking my coffee so I put a little tobacco in a glass hash pipe I still had, just enough for a few puffs.
Within a few days the pipe was completely black and when I held it upside-down the tar was leaking out of it.
That’s a scary thing to see when you realise that’s what’s happening to your lungs.


the list of the crap in a cigarettes is well beyond words I’ll stick with vaping


ive seen this on you tube , i thought it was interesting no need for exact science this says a lot


Oh goodness. This reminded me FOR THE FIRST TIME, how cigarettes tasted and how i felt after i smoked too many in a row.


There is a vendor section if you are interested, just because you are using the site logo as your picture. If you’re not a vendor, disregard. I don’t quite see any DIY on this site though, are you strictly an eliquid retailer?
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