Vape windows 😱

Like Tina Turner sang Steamy windows I am experiencing very foggy windows after I began Vaping, especially after I advanced from clearatomizers to the realm of sub ohm and drippers. Damnit í wash my windows every other day almost and still it looks like someone is having an orgy in my living room :scream:

I guess it’s the pg condensing on the surface of the windows am I right?

So what do you experience and are they remedies? I’m feeling like Martha Stewart with the squeegee over here :wink:


It’s the VG - I haven’t found a solution, other than to just wash the windows every other day :stuck_out_tongue: I even bought an air purifier :stuck_out_tongue: I also bought something to help me was windows quicker:


Same here. Never done cleaning windows​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::kissing_smiling_eyes::dash::dash::dash: :dash::tornado::fog:
Mostly vape with a window cracked open but even then it still manages to get on them. Even my tv screen gets covered.
I’m ok today got my maid coming around😉


Keep my blinds closed. Never noticed. This is news for me.

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My windows are permanently fogged up because the house is old. After being hassled 3 times by the neighbourhood cop, who apparently has nothing else to do, about the state of my windows and him not able to provide me with a law that says I’m obliged to clean my windows, I’ve decided to never clean my windows again. I can get pretty stubborn when rubbed the wrong way :grinning:
I told him if he has nothing to do he’s welcome to come by with a bucket and a sponge. :cop: :wave:


Bet ya haven’t seen him again after that!:laughing:


My wife drove my car yesterday and was like “Dont you feel like you’re going blind looking out of this?” My response was “huh?” She said, why dont you drive my car to work Monday and I will was, clean and vacuum yours.

Um. . .is that rad or is that rad? She’s a keeper. I think I’ll start cracking the window, but I cant imagine a solution unless you get that tear-off windshield stuff they use on Nascar racecars to put on your windows? Seems a little not environmentally friendly.

Hey, what about windshield anti-fog solution? I’m going to ask her to put that on my car! We use it on the bathroom mirrors and it works great.


I keep a pack of disposable windex wipes between the seat of my truck and wipe the windows down as needed. The house I keep a window cracked and if it gets cloudy use windex as needed there too.

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I see him regularly, but he doesn’t dare bringing up the subject of windows anymore :imp:


Not to worry, we got you covered !!!


I vape in California. Drought conditions here. Can only clean windows, provided it’s for safety regulations.—Just kidding. But no hose in hand car washes, only recyclable water/mechanical car washes.
Vape in attached to house garage with no windows. Just a little bit of draft. Vaping ends around 9PM. Too chilly.

This is funny. I’ve never cleaned my apartment windows until last week. My husband thought it was foggy and perhaps raining out. Nope.
I’ve always noticed it in my cars, so I have wipes for those. But never the apartment.