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VapeCraftInc.com Black Friday Sale 30% Off (E-juice Site Wide, Nicotine, VG, PG, and Flavorings)


(April 6th) Vape Craft Inc here! Celebrating our new addition to e-liquid-recipes.com, we’re doing a 20% OFF Coupon for all of our DIY Flavoring!

Use Coupon Code: 20OFF for 20% OFF all of our flavorings and finished E-Juice products. We here at Vape Craft Inc are going to be doing weekly sales, so make sure to check back periodically for any new deals we may have posted.

Check out our Juices and their flavor profiles, grab some ideas, and get to mixing! Vape Craft Inc

(April 27th) Vape Craft Inc here, we’ve added 100mg/mL Nicotine to the site! Also 4mL and 15mL sizes should all be back in stock by tomorrow. (Coming Soon) 30mL & 120mL Options for Flavoring, 45 New Flavors, Chubby Gorilla bottles for purchase.


Something seems to be amiss with your webpage? The flavor concentrates you have listed appear to be only available in 10ml bottles? Is that correct or is the drop down not working?


Yeah at the moment we’re waiting for our 4ml and 15ml bottles but they should be in stock by next week


Are you going to offer 100 mg nicotine and a larger flavor line?
I see you’re in California, the shorter shipping times to Vancouver, WA might be worth my while.


Do you plan on carrying 1oz & 4oz options? Is Free shipping available for larger orders?


We do free shipping on orders over $50, and yeah, one of the reasons I joined this community was to see what people wanted, so 100mg options, 1oz and 4oz options, I’ll try and make those things happen.

We’re also adding flavors constantly so we should have some more flavors added next week

Thank you, Keep us updated here. I will follow and check your website once you have :+1:


Is your DIY liquid 1.00 for a 10 ml bottle.? The price changes once i added it to my cart.


it’s $1 for a 4mL (which we are out of), $2 for a 10mL, and $2.75 for a 15mL (we are currently out of)

We should have 4mL’s and 15mL’s in next week

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Ok Thank you.


Just updated the original post with new sales info!

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Sale is back on! Stock up on all the DIY supplies on our site with 20% off! Just use code: “20OFF” before tomorrow night and save big!
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Black Friday Sale is Here! Get 25% off all Finished eliquid & DIY Materials using code: “BLACKFRIDAY” Today - Tuesday November 28th.

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Get 15% off All Vape Juices & DIY Vape Products Using Code: “SAVE15” In Your Cart For the next 24 Hours!
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Get 20% Off ALL E-Juice & DIY Supplies for the next 48 Hours! Only at Vape Craft Inc
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Approximately One Year ago I had asked about When/If you would be adding 1oz. & 4oz. flavor concentrates for purchase. Have you decided to go another route? I noticed nothing has changed? It would appear that VapeCraftInc. com has decided not to become a DIY vender?


Hi Mark! Many of our flavorings have an option for 4 oz sizes. https://vapecraftinc.com/diy-e-juice-supplies/flavorings.html
Visit here to see our full list of DIY Products

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I literally can’t find the 4oz… option on any of the Concentrates?
Are you sure? Not 4ml., But 4oz. Or 120ml. Bottles of flavoring.


My apologies, i misread haha. Sorry Mark! As far as adding bigger sizes the biggest we are planning on going is 120mL bottles which i believe is around 4oz, but we discontinued our 1oz option as we took away the 30mL sizes on our eliquid side so we will stick to 15mL and 120mL for the future sizes available on our site so we can keep up with production for both DIY and eliquid sales.

We will be adding more flavorings from other suppliers soon as well to widen the variety beyond mostly capella options :slight_smile:

Sorry again for my confusion between mL and oz. I think i had too much coffee haha


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