VapeOholic flavors?

Did someone vape VapeOholic, all these liquids have soft, creamy-candy pre-taste, which flavors and aromas could the manufacturer use?

I would read this first.

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This is an old topic with lots of good guesses. I just bought some Commercial juice for the first time in two years… guess numero uno is Sucralose


I’ve been vaping for years & started DIY couple months ago. I’m not particularly creative on my own. After finding thousands of recipes for DIY, I could mix a new juice every week for the rest of my life & never get bored. Seems many clones are attempted & many come close to spot on. Continuous experimentation & having fun is the heart of DIY.
I think the question was how to achieve some of the creamy/candy
bases that the premium juices have. Look into Wayne Walker’s & others cream bases for insight. Keep toying with mixes till you get what your looking for.


Never was into cloning, but did discover a secret ingredient by refrigerating professional e-juices.

So I suppose there are other tricks like diluting with extra PG, heating, freezing e-juices, you want to clone, and seeing if some flavor you recognize pops out of the jack-in-the-box… after stressing them.

I’d bet this is used with some pro juices in different amounts.

Rose Candy by The Flavor Apprentice