VapeRanger United States EJuice Ban Map and Updates UPDATED 01-01-20

Thanks out to @woftam for this. Check as needed. UPDATED 01-01-20


Washington Has NOT been banned YET

Note: Washington sucks ass 1-1-20


Is the October 9th vote no accurate ?


Yes rhats accurate , but it hasnt happened Yet so don’t jinx us lmao …Maybe we could convince them otherwise


Glad too see NY has paused I thought that would never happen


Updated map …


I live in Georgia and my vape shop closed it’s doors today. They are packing up and moving to a nearby town under a new name and will no longer be a vape shop. They said they will be able to sell off the rest of their inventory but once it’s gone that’s it. So I grabbed my husband a 500 ml bottle of his Western tobacco flavor 12 nic and me a 100 ml 12 hazelnut with a couple drops western and touch of sweetcream 12 nic. She said she’ll have the hazelnut probably up til may. Has a lot of it, but was almost out of the western is why I hot such the big bottle for my husband.
They will be a Head shop :frowning: is that sad or WHAT??? From advocating vaping and all to selling pipes and tobacco and all that?? Makes me wanna cry…

They are being told that flavors might be banned OR
it might cost them $100,000 per flavor to have on hand to use in their house recipes. So my hazelnut sweetcream western blend would cost them 300,000 just to keep those flavors on site. Their number 1 seller has 5 floors in it. Their next has 5 or 6 other flavors… they can’t do it. Not to mention people coming in (like me) now and then who say I wanna try something new… let’s mix some stuff up! And they do it for me! They had so many flavors…
It’s sad… just sad

Now I need advice for DIY


Best advice I can give you, start small, with solo flavors you enjoy. Grab a scale, use a calculator like here on elr…

Run your flavors as solos in small 10ml bottles… depending on manufacture, it might only take 2 bottle drops in 10ml… then again some manufactures you might need 10 drops. Best thing is to find your own spots.

Realize a lot of recipes here are scored high due to age. Remember equipment vaires. Think of the older recipes as more likely to be pod recipes used with low watts and high ohms.

Also know your tongue is the best tool you have. Use it. Take notes… and always know we all taste things different.

I get a lot of slack for how I mix… I stick with one brand, and I know it like the back of my hand now. However… one can not know flavors if you do not take the time. Just my believe, and some here seem to think that is not true.

Elr’s caluclator will populate recipes with an average median based on flavor and manufacture… up to you if you use it. :slight_smile:

The biggest is… have fun… enjoy your mistakes as well as your better and best mixes :slight_smile:


Thank you very much!! Can you recommend a trustworthy company for flavors and PG /VG ?
I would love to be able to make our juices just 100%-VG. But then the flavor is to weak. The shop we used had all the flavors PG based, and that is the only PG in our juices, the rest of our bottles are filled with VG.

So I need separate bottles of PG and VG. Unless you think since Ricky (hubby) has 500ml of his juice, do you think a couple months is long enough steep time for 100% VG for good robust flavor? If so, I won’t have to get any PG at all. PG makes me cough


500 ml bottle of his Western tobacco flavor

My aunt has vaped Space Jam eclipse which was a Western Tobacco with Vanilla notes…I made her a few different blends but she loves these two and actually prefers them. I was amazed actually bc she would never try anything else , so her liking them better was awesome.


I don’t use resellers at all… I buy direct.

Plenty of folks tho like Wizardlabs and Bully city…

PG you can pick up at any feed and seed store… VG… you can search for online :slight_smile:

Im not much help because I do work for a lab and get my supplies from work.


Learning DIY I think is going to be a must for most vapers in the future. You have Higgycigs in your state which does still sell a tobacco flavored eliquid until you get your DIY supplies in. There are some great tobacco mixers in this forum who can teach you a lot, I don’t do tobacco flavors, but will have to learn myself again because my sister has just started vaping and wants that flavor. I wish you the best of luck and welcome to the rabbit hole of DIY it’s a lot of fun


Hello and welcome!

Going super high (max) VG is easy. When you purchase your nicotine, be sure to get it in 100% VG base. (I highly recommend 100mg/ml. Don’t
let folks scare you and say to start lower, just be mindful when mixing and wash immediately if you get some on your skin, keep the pets out of the room.) If you start with a lower mg/ml, you’ll be using a whole lot of it per mix, esp. at 12mg target strength!

Most use some blend of PG/VG, or (more commonly) all PG based nicotine. But using an all VG nic base gets you closer to max if you use flavors that are based in PG.

Also, there are a lot of zero-PG flavors out there(Nature’s Flavors, Real Flavours).
And flavors that might have PG, but they’re so potent, you’ll use very little in a mix to get maximum flavor(Flavorah, Medicine Flower).

You can get up to 97-98.5% VG in a mix and will have loads of flavor.

Read a lot! Best of luck!

(Sorry I totally went off the rails of the topic!! PM me if you have any questions)


1-4 weeks is normally plenty of time, depends on the mix. You’re into Tobacos, and most mixers say it takes much longer for Tobacos or Custards. I’m not a Tobacco flavor guy, so no input here, but I do know Flavorah is one of the fastest steeping flavor brands out there, and they do make Tobacco flavors.


My favs are

Red burley

Not in any order :wink: and… I can not spell tonight to save me!! :smiley:


@anon84779643 is underestimating Kentucky blend that is a good Swiss knife together with Sweet & Smokey two must have fillers in any bacco recipe and both are forgiving on % ,S&S a bit less. But as usual, it’s subjective.


lmao… I think I forgot to add it… as well as:

commercial cig
classic cig

yeps… I was tired. All work like this and no play is not cool… looking forward to this weekend! :slight_smile:

the plum tobacco [s&s} I enjoy, in fact using it as a base in this tropic pipe I am playing with… so add in yeps
running around, getting packs sent out… my time to sit now and get a hold of my head!