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Vapers Tek...great customer service


Hey now! Been using Vapers Tek nic for a while now. Last Friday I received a shipment where I had ordered 240ml of 100mg/ml pg base. I bottled most of it and stuck it in the freezer.

I then looked at the bottle and realized I got vg based. Well, it said vg. It was more like pg and when I weighed it out it came to .66g/ml so I have no idea what it is…I emailed and then called.

I don’t know who I spoke to but they took ownership and quickly said they would send out my original order. They asked if I had tried the vg and I said no. They then threw in a 240ml of 100mg/ml of vg base.

So it shipped out from OK on Saturday and I got it today.l!

Thanks #VapersTek! Great service!


I have been impressed with their nic. Quality stuff.


They got my Nic business after NR’s ridiculous shipping charges.


I use nothing but them for nic nowadays, great service and great nic.


@scifoc One of the BEST ways to know what a company is REALLY about, is when something goes WRONG.

Outstanding service !!!


And nice looking bottles. My friend swears by them and since I need some nic I was thinking Vapers Tek, too. Thx for sharing the story.


May I ask what they charged?


It’s been quite some time and I can’t recall exactly but it was around $20.00. All I needed was restock on a few flavors and a liter of nic. The order wasn’t enough to qualify for free shipping but I’ve done enough online ordering over the years to know when something is amiss. It happened a 2nd time also on a flavors-only order.


$20!!! Geez, I ordered some Purilum from them recently and I didn’t notice anything amiss. It took a little longer because they’re located in or near Paradise, California and they and their employees were greatly impacted by the fire. Hell, if I wasn’t shipping a couch I would have canceled that order. I’m cheap.


Actually they are not. They are located close to LA, might even fall into that county who knows. While there have been fires, it did not come close to what happened in paradise, which is not anywhere close to LA.

It’s located in the north, it’s closer to me here in Sac. than it’s to LA :wink:

But I’m not getting into this whole discussion again. Just needed to point that out.

The shipping always been horrible, I don’t know if it’s the shipping company or the vendors fault, but definitely something to work on.


@muth are you mixing up Vapers Tek and Nic river?


Thank you, I stand corrected. I guess I was given wrong information.


Um, Idk. I know this is a Vapers Tek thread but someone mentioned expensive shipping from NicRiv and I was referring to them.


Whaddaya mean ‘someone’? You asked me the question 6 comments north of here. LOL!


Lol, don’t take it personally. My memory span is only one comment per day.


What are you vaping on? Pass it around my friend.


A long, thin pipe with a ball of opium in the bowl. Nope, those days are over, sorry.