Vapers Tek ~ Shipping/Packaging Woes

So, yeah, this! First time receiving a damaged shipment of flavorings; the one flavor that got broken was the reason I made the order! Damnit! The whole box smelled nice though.

Totally the fault of Vapers Tek for not packaging the product properly. The bottles of Inawera flavoring look to be repackaged in 10ml vials (very fragile at that) thrown all together in one plastic bag. Not a smart idea.

So, if you order from Inawera from Vapers Tek, be sure to add in the comment box, “please bubble wrap the bottles individually, 'cause their gonna break otherwise!”.

Oh man!! That sucks. Are they going to fix it?


I’ll write them a “nice” email tonight and hopefully get the issue solved. I’ve never received such fragile vials of flavorings from any vendor so far; hoping to explain to VT, this type packaging isn’t a good idea.


I havent ordered anything from them yet, I was planning on getting some nicotine pretty soon though. I sure hope they package that better than your flavoring.

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My first few orders from them were great; all bottles of liquid get sealed in plastic and the tops taped on and packed in peanuts. This issue was with a bunch of very thin walled vials of liquid packaged lose with each other in the same bag and then (the most dangerous part) given to USPS for delivery 2000 miles away. Separating the vials from each other would have kept the breakage from occurring, I’m sure.

From OK to us here in NC is a long way for something so fragile to travel!


Yeah with USPS handling its bound to happen sooner or later.


For the life of me… I don’t know why I just ordered stuff from Vapers Tek. The price for the VG and PG was twice the price charged at They also charged me for shipping $13. Yes, I used a 20% off coupon that covered the shipping. Wow… I’d better go back to comparison shopping before I click ‘pay’.
I did order some unusual German flavors though, and I hope I enjoy them.

1 Liter PG
1 $15.99 USD $15.99 USD
1 Liter VG
2 $15.99 USD $31.98 USD
Apple Red Sweet Sour (Braeburn) Flavor
(German Flavors: 10ML)
1370-10 1 $5.00 USD $5.00 USD
Black Kische Yogurt
(German Flavors: 10ML)
4124-10 1 $5.00 USD $5.00 USD
Hazelnut Waffle Flavor
(German Flavors: 30ML)
1439-30 1 $10.50 USD $10.50 USD
Hazelnut Waffle Flavor
(German Flavors: 10ML)
1439-10 1 $5.00 USD $5.00 USD
Nut Cream Flavor
(German Flavors: 10ML)
1570-10 1 $5.00 USD $5.00 USD
Panna Cotta
PANNA COTTA 1 $3.50 USD $3.50 USD
Spekulatius Butter Cookie Flavor
(German Flavors: 2ML Sample)
1471-02 1 $2.00 USD $2.00 USD
Vanilla Dream Flavor
(Amount: 2ML Sample)
1761-2 1 $2.00 USD $2.00 USD
Wild Strawberry
World Champion Flavor
(Amount: 10ML)
1704-10 1 $5.00 USD $5.00 USD
Yogurt Flavor
(German Flavors: 10ML)
1781-10 1 $5.00 USD $5.00 USD
Subtotal: $98.97 USD
Coupon Code (20Liquid): -$19.80 USD
Shipping: $17.49 USD
Grand Total: $96.66 USD


Yikes. Didn’t realize this was a necro.
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No worries! :wink: Sometimes folks can get some good/useful info from necro threads.

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Oh absolutely! Lol

Sorry if it sounded negative! I should have just trashed the post. Wasn’t thinking straight.

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Just letting everyone know my order came just fine. I do have to figure out ‘what’ flavors are what because the labels are in German on some flavors. The VG is palm based. I haven’t tried - or used any of it yet. It its not as good as Nic River, I’ll post my comparison.