Vapes, Cellphones, Which Is Safer?

We hear it constantly. E-cigarettes explode, they cause fires, but what about Cell Phones? Media never tells us of the problems with Cell Phone batteries until something massive happens such as the Samsung recall going on at this time. Truth be told it is only logical to assume that there are many, many, more fires and explosions caused by Cell Phone than are caused by Vapes. How can that be you ask? You can count on a small calculable percentage of defective batteries in the manufacturing process. This percentage should be near the same whether it be batteries for Cell Phones, or, for Vapes. The shear numbers of Cellphones in use worldwide far, FAR, outweigh the number of Vapes. Why is there no clamor about Cell Phones explosions and fires? It’s only logical to assume that by the same percentage of defect that Cell Phones are causing many more fires and explosions than Vapes. Do you agree?


Why haven’t they invented a way to enclose battery compartments on toys?

My kids have had toys where the battery’s, after a while, leak battery acid and it ends up everywhere…

Prioritys… Kids toys generate money but not enough to warrant them to be prioritised in terms of safe guarding against the battery leaking everywhere.

Cell phones… Big money, possibility of failing battery, bad outcome but not enough to disrupt the manufacture.

Vape mods… User error, too easily done, can cause bad bang, especially in unregulated box / tube mods.

Edit: FDA / TPD / crap regulations / Moany people / uneducated, misinformed people etc

There was a lot of problems with those Hover Board causing explosions and fires as well. Many of them were made with inferior batteries and of course problems followed…

Yeah, agreed. Most problems with Vapes are user error. Not to say there are no defects, there are. Should have seen what I saw a couple weeks ago. Batteries with the top wrap AND insulator rings completely gone and the batteries were still being used. Talk about dangerous. Even sparked as they pulled them out of the mod…

Don’t forget to mention Hybrids. Those things should not even be on the market. People don’t get warnings with these things. How are they to know to not screw in a Atlantis or similiar tank which will cause a direct short…


Verizon outright lied to me about my cell phone and my tablet almost starting on fire. I bought them at the same time and they both burned up while charging over the same 10 day period. They were both LG Android devices. They’ve known there was bad batteries, chips USB ports and boards for about 8 months.


I learned real quick not to trust these phone salesman at the cell phone joints. I didn’t trust Verizon people the moment I spoke to their rep. AT&T screwed me as well. I was having hangup problems and instead of admitting they had no towers close enough for service at my home their rep tells me I need a new phone. Bought one, same problem of course. Needless to say I was pissed. I’m really not surprised they are screwing people with these defective phones. My guess is they are stuck with returns unless the company has a recall either that or they feel it’s not worth the trouble and expense of shipping them back to manufacturers. Worst of all they know they have a product that if they screw a few customers now and then there will always be someone to replace those customers since people think phones are such a necessity these days. People really need to rediscover the power they have with the Boycott. We really need to stop putting up with this kinda crap…


Think of the insurance claims… let alone the injuries.

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I agree with you there…

funny you should mention that. get a EMF meter or “ION” counter. see how your doing with your mod and cellphone.

im looking at ordering a few dna chips and making my first box mods.
im making these with “EMF” in mind. so if u know about orgonite , im going to use a clear resin with orgonite set in there.
everything will be transparent and slightly magnified from the resin. so u can see all the circuits and all the gems/stones/metals etc all around the mod casing… cool idea?

example of some orgonite

aura view

basics of making these…

Geedubya73 uploaded this image to

that sounds epic man :ok_hand:

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just edited with some photos

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