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Guys, Tesla Invader 4 Kit is a newly designed compact kit followed by the previous Invader 3 Kit, which consists of Invader 4 MOD and Invader 4 RDA. Constructed by lightweight aluminum alloy and CNC laser engraving line, the Invader 4 is durable to use and comfortable in hand.

Powered by dual 21700 batteries (not included), the device is also compatible with 20700 and 18650 cells, and the Invader 4 can fire up to 280W maximum output with 5 different voltage settings. And a battery LED will be either green, indicating the cells are fully charged, blue or red which means its time for a recharge. Moreover, the included Invader 4 RDA features convenient dual coils build deck, adjustable bottom airflow system and Resin wide bore drip tip.

Size: 126 x 60 x 28mm
Material: Aluminum alloy
Cell Type: Two hi-drain 18650/20700/21700 cells(not include)
Post holes: 1.5 x 3.0mm
Drip tip: Resin wide bore drip tip
Maximum Output Wattage: 280W
Voltage Adjust: I-V level
Output Voltage Range: 3~8V
Maximum Output Current: 53A
Resistance Range: 0.08ohm-3.0ohm
Input Voltage Range: 6.4V~8.4V
Standby Current: < 50uA
USB: 5V/1.5A
LED Indicator: Blue-Green-Red
Thread: 510

Order it now: https://vapesourcing.com/tesla-invader-4-kit.html

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Some Analysis of the Amount of E-cigs Smoke

Go straight to the point, say the conclusion, and analyze it again. The factors that affect the amount of smoke are only three in the end: temperature, heating area, ventilation. I will explain this in the following words.

Firstly is the temperature. A large and thick smoke requires the heating wire to quickly reach the temperature of the evaporating e-liquid, and keep the temperature above the evaporating e-liquid temperature to ensure that the e-liquid is continuously evaporated and consumes smoke. To put it bluntly, it is the power that needs to make the heating wire reach a sufficient temperature under certain data, which will change with different factors. The power calculated simply by the formula or by some kind of calculation software is unreliable. Many variables will affect the result:

A: The e-juice guiding speed, everyone knows that evaporation will take away a lot of heat, as long as the e-juice guiding speed is greater than the evaporation rate of the e-juice, then the power can be driven higher. Suppose that the heating wire is placed in a beaker filled with e-juice. In theory, in the case of unlimited e-juice guiding, is it possible to fire up to an infinite wattage? The answer is no, the higher the power, the faster the heating wire reaches the high temperature, but the heating wire has a hot melt limit.

B: External temperature, the lower the external temperature, the more heat the wire needs to reach the required temperature, and it is necessary to fire up to a higher wattage. This is easy to understand. Assuming that a device is designed to keep the heating wire in a liquid nitrogen environment, how much power is required to reach the temperature of the evaporating e-liquid? Everyone can think about it. Therefore, under the premise of considering the variables, the heating wire should be quickly reached and maintained at the required temperature, and the e-liquid can be continuously evaporated to obtain a larger amount of smoke.

Secondly is the heating area. The area of heat is the most important factor affecting the amount of smoke. The larger the heating area, the greater the contact area of the smoke liquid after reaching the temperature, the greater the evaporation, the greater the smoke. If you can’t understand it, imagine burning a piece of iron on a plate, and the effect of pouring a pot of glycerin on it is compared with the effect of pouring glycerin on a burning wire. The important thing to emphasize here is that it has nothing to do with the resistance! Assume that under the same lap diameter, a 0.1mm filament has a resistance of 0.1 ohm around a circle; a 1.0mm thick wire is wound around 10 laps, and the resistance is also 0.1 ohm. Asking which data the amount of smoke is large, the result is obvious, 1.0ohm 10 laps of heating area is larger, and the amount of smoke is naturally larger. So don’t take it for granted that 0.1 ohm produces more smoke than 0.3 ohm. Under the premise of comprehensive consideration of variables, the combination of heating wire data can be used to draw the conclusion of the amount of smoke.

Thirdly is the ventilation. Ventilation is the factor that affects the minimum amount of smoke, as current mainstream RDA’s ventilation is adequate. This is also easy to understand. Under the premise of sufficient temperature and heat, if the ventilation is small, the smoke inhaled during the same time will naturally be small. And the large amount of ventilation is also conducive to the heat dissipation of the atomizer. There is not much discussion here.

Here I recommend some kits which are famous for big smoke, SMOK X-PRIV Kit, SMOK MAG KIT and geekvape aegis legend kit. I hope you guys will love these.


Guys, the weeked is coming, so what kind of vape device do you want? Here comes the latest vape kit - VAPTIO C-FLAT Kit, which is the latest AIO pod system kit with compact and ergonomic design, making it quite convenient to carry. Powered by a built-in 350mAh battery, the C-FLAT kit can fire up to 15W maximum output to deliver big and smooth vapor.

This system utilizes replaceable cartridges that can be refilled and hold up to 1.5ml of e-juice, especially for nic salts. On the front of the battery mod, you will see a square fire button with rounded corners that was designed to prevent accidental firing and has a triple purpose. You can fire the C-Flat Pod Kit when pressing the button downward, and push it upward you can enjoy mouth to lung vaping experience.

Size: 120.5mm * 24.9mm * 15.1mm
Material: Zinc Alloy
Battery Type: Built-in 350mAh Battery
Maximum Wattage Output: 15W
Atomizer Resistance: 1.0ohm

Order it now: https://vapesourcing.com/vaptio-c-flat-kit.html

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Hey everyone!
Welcome to our Vapesourcing Kingdom!
We have launched a new product now.
Vaptio Move 2 Kit, powered by triple 18650 cells and can up to 240W Output wattage. The Move 2 Kit consisted of Move 2 mod and Turbo RDTA-L Tank, together with Shield-tech anti-spitting technology, it is revolutionary design incorporates a special “shield” to prevent hot juice from jumping up, while it still allows massive vaper. The Turbo RDTA-L tank comes with Rebuildable coils for huge vapor and optimal flavor.


  1. Powered by three 18650 batteries (batteries sold separately)
  2. 0.91 display screen
  3. Top airflow design and anti-leakage
  4. Multiple output modes
  5. Shield-tech anti-spitting technology
  6. Rich protection system

    Size: 43 MM146 MM 56 Mm
    E-Juice Capacity: 5ML
    Material: Glass+Stainless Steel
    Display: 0.91screen
    Battery Type: 3* 18650 Batteries(Not Included)
    Wattage range: 1-240W
    Temperature range: 100-315C / 200-600F
    Resistance range: 0.16-5ohm
    Connection Thread: 510

Entrance: https://vapesourcing.com/vaptio-move-2-kit.html

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Hi, guys! The weekend is coming again, and Vapesourcing still choose five best seller products for you. You can still use the coupon code:happyweekend to enjoy the discount for 10% off. Valid time: 7.21-7.22.

Snowwolf Mfeng TC Starter Kit 200W Free Shipping Discount Price: $80.99
Joyetech Cuboid Mini Battery Kit Free Shipping Discount Price: $15.21
Wismec Motiv 2 Pod System Kit Free Shipping Discount Price: $22.64
Geekvape Blitzen RTA 24 Discount Price: $20.61
Tasty Grape Ice E-Juice 100ml Discount Price: $5.58


Hey guys!
Here is the best greeting from our Vapesourcing Kingdom!
How’s your weekend?
I will introduce you several atomizers for you.

Firstly, the ShenRay B2K RSA V5 Style RDA is designed to be extremely compact which has a unique top terminal two-post build deck with a deep wall for more liquid capacity, will offer ample building space and accommodate dual large coils structures and complex build styles. Constructed by stainless steel, the 23mm diameter RDA is durable. Besides, it also features chamfered edge cap which protects excessive wear on the o-Rings, and two-post downward angled indirect airflow design, and the airflow collides under the coil to allow more air on the surface of the wire, so it will provide a smooth, quiet and extremely flavorful vape experience to you.

Size: 20mm x 23mm
Diameter: 23mm
Material: 316 Stainless Steel
Thread Type: 510


  1. Two-Post Downward Angled Indirect Airflow Design
  2. Chamfered Edge Cap Which Protects Excessive Wear on the O-Rings
  3. Adjustable Airflow design
  4. Integrated Anti-Spin Stop Tab Design for Easy RDA Removal

The price: $20.9
Entrance: https://vapesourcing.com/shenray-b2k-rsa-v5-style-rda.html

Secondly, the YFTK Skyfall Style RDA is designed by YFTK, features 22mm diameter with single coil build deck that is super easy to build on. Constructed by 316 stainless steel, it is in good quality and durable. The airflow system is fully adjustable via the stainless steel small parts and this style of design gives the YFTK Skyfall Style RDA one of the smoothest and quietest restricted direct lung airflow systems of all time. The airflow slots are inside this ramp that leads directly to the bottom of your coil. Whats more, YFTK Skyfall Style RDA installed with non BF pin but included an extra BF pin which can be perfectly mated with Bottom Feed Devices.

Size: 22*25mm
Diameter: 22mm
Material: 316 Stainless Steel
Thread Type: 510


  1. 316 stainless steel construction
  2. Single coil build deck
  3. Triple side airflow
  4. Replaceable airflow set
  5. Comes with bottom feeder pin

The Price: $20.99
Entrance: https://vapesourcing.com/yftk-skyfall-style-rda.html

Thirdly, The Kindbright Haku Venna Style RDA is an innovative 22mm RDA with dual post design for single coil building. Constructed by 316 stainless steel, you can feel smooth on the surface because of the sandblasting technology, and it is durable. The air enters the chamber via two different sizes of air holes on both side of the cap, hitting the coil directly, bringing you a fantastic vape experience. BF pin are also available.

Size: 22*27mm
Diameter: 22mm
Material: 316 Stainless Steel
Thread Type: 10


  1. 316 stainless steel construction
  2. Smooth finish, using sandblasting technology
  3. Dual post design
  4. Single coil configuration
  5. Dual side airholes on both sides
  6. Delrin 510 drip tip included
  7. Comes with bottom feeder pin

The Price: $13.99
Entrance: https://vapesourcing.com/kindbright-haku-venna-style-rda.html


2018 Cthulhu Fractal DNA 75C Hybrid Mod For Sale

Welcome to our VapeSourcing Kingdom!
I will share a New Mod with you!
Are you ready?

The Fractal DNA 75C Hybrid mod is high end box mod which is made from original wood and resin hybrid material, compatible with 18650, 20700, and 21700 batteries. It comes with DNA 75C chip, spring load positive pin, bullet aluminum panel, that is a perfect device here! Plus the sandblasting 304 stainless steel buttons, and silver plating 510 contacts, it will be more fashionable and attractive.

Material: 304 Stainless Steel+Resin
Battery Type: Dual 18650/20700/21700 Batteries
Thread Type: 510 Thread


  1. Unique Fractal Design
  2. Made From Original Wood And Resin
  3. With Spring Load Positive Pin And Bullet Aluminum Panel
  4. Sandblasting 304 Stainless Steel Accessory
  5. Compatible with 18650, 20700, and 21700 batteries

Please click here if you want to know more.

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Hi, guys! Here comes the newest vape kit - Fumytech PURELY 2 Plus Kit, a compact 19mm pen-style vape device with a one-button design, which is easy to operate, comfortable to hold and convenient to carry. Constructed by stainless steel and glass construction, it is durable. Powered by a built-in 1600mAh battery, it also has a huge 3.2ml capacity for e-juice.

The atomizer feature in a BF design and bottom adjustable airflow, contributing a lot to the smooth vaping experience. The atomizer also features pre-installed 0.9-ohm coil and an extra 0.7-ohm coil, so the Purely 2 Plus Kit is perfect for new vapers.

Size: 126.5 x 19mm
Atomizer Capacity: 3.2ml
Battery Capacity: Built-in 1600mAh
Output Voltage: 3.8V
Coils: Purely 0.7ohm/0.9ohm coil, Purely Plus BVC 0.7ohm coil
Connection: 510

Order it now: https://vapesourcing.com/fumytech-purely-2-plus-kit.html

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Hugsvape Theseus BF RDA 22mm Compares To Hugsvape Lotus RTA 24mm

Hey guys!
Do you hesitate between RTA and RDA?
Come on!
Here are the new RTA and RDA.

The Hugsvape Theseus RDA is a 22mm bottom filling rebuildable dripping atomizer,which with an easy-to-build single coil deck and dot airflow. The Hugsvape Theseus comes with bottom feeder pin that can be compatible with the mainstream squonk box mod in the market. It will provide a extremely flavorful vape experience to you.

Size: 22mm *37.88mm
Diameter: 22mm
Material: Stainless Steel
Product Type: Rebuildable Atomizer
Coil Rebuildable: Coil Rebuildable
Thread Type: 510


  1. Top End Stainless steel Material
  2. Single coil build deck
  3. V shaped deck with dot airflow design
  4. 510 threading connection
  5. Comes with bottom feeder pin

Entrance: https://vapesourcing.com/hugsvape-theseus-rda.html

The Lotus RTA is a 24mm rebuildable tank with an aesthetic design of Lotus shape build deck, which is designed to accommodate dual coil builds. It has a push-to-refill scheme that makes it easier to refill eliquid. Together with an air conditioner slot style airflow system, the air hits the coils right from the side and bottom, delivering big clouds and excellent flavor.

Size: 24mm *51.85mm
Diameter: 24mm
Capacity: 2ml / 5ml (bubble glass)
Material: Stainless Steel
Thread Type: 510


  1. Lotus shape build deck
  2. Dual coil configuration
  3. Air conditioner slot style airflow system
  4. Surrounding airflow
  5. Push-to-refill method
  6. Gold plated contact pin
  7. Derlin drip tip and 510 drip tip adapter included

Entrance: https://vapesourcing.com/hugsvape-lotus-rta.html


Hey guys , welcome to our Vapesourcing Kingdom!
I believe that you must be interested in a kit that I share with you!

VOOPOO Caliber Kit is compact size kit with ergonomic designs that achieves harmony between large clouds and great flavor. Powered by built-in 3000mAh battery, it can fires up to 110W and offers you over 200 puffs of vaping on a single full charge.

This glossy stick has gold-plating badge button, arrow LED lights and decorative gold-plating design with star patterns, luxury and superior. Together with GENE.Fan chip, it takes pride in its 10ms firing speed without delay and 32-digits advanced technology, offering you stable and powerful vaping. The UFORCE Tank features with 3 adjustable air vents, sliding top filling and 5ml bulb glass tube. Whats more, it comes with UFORCE U4 Coil for great flavor and U6 Coil for powerful vaping and massive vapor.

Size: 24.5*141.6mm
Material: Stainless Steel 304
Power Range: 110W Max
Battery Capacity: 3000mAh
Resting Current: ≤10μA
Input Voltage: 3.2-4.2V
Output Voltage: 0-4.2V
Resistance Range: 0.15-3.0ohm
Temperature Range: 80 ℃
Color: Black, Bronze, Orange, Red, Gold, Army Green, Green, Rainbow, Blue, Purple, Silver


  1. Built-in 3000mAh battery(over 200 puffs), 110W max wattage
  2. Gold-plating badge button, arrow LED lights and decorative gold- plating design with star patterns
  3. 32-digits advanced GENE.Fan chip, no delay 10ms firing speed
  4. Flavor-oriented UFORCE Tank with 5ml bulb glass tube
  5. Sliding top filling, three adjustable air vents
  6. Comes with UFORCE U4 Coil and UFORCE U6 Coil
  7. Achieves great harmony between great flavor and massive cloud

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Vapefly Core RTA 2ml/4ml Compares To CoilART Salt RTA 2.0ml/3.5ml

Here are the warm greetings from our Vapesourcing Kingdom!

This time I will make a comparison between Vapefly Core RTA 2ml/4ml and CoilART Salt RTA 2.0ml/3.5ml, which will give you an answer that you are hesitant about.

VAPEFLY CORE RTA is collaboratively designed by Vapefly and German 103 Team, which is a big cloud monster. Constructed by 304 stainless steel, the VAPEFLY CORE RTA is a massive cloud RTA with 25mm diameter features single coil and dual coil for you option that is super easy to building.

And the CORE RTA supports top filling system and 4ml e-juice capacity with bubble glass (2ml e-liquid for standard capacity). By the way, with the two post single terminal build decks and powerful Q airflow system, airflow enters via adjustable air slot to delivery smooth flavor without heat and reduced air turbulence, so it will meet your various building options. 4 colors are available.


  1. Designed by German 103 design team organized by Martin Hartkopf & Vapefly
  2. Made of 304 Stainless Steel
  3. Arc-shaped dual posts and bottom multi-holes design creates a powerful “Q” airflow system
  4. Leading design philosophy from Germany “Flavorful & Big Cloud & No heat”
  5. Adjustable bottom airflow with large air slots
  6. 2ml/4ml juice capacity
  7. Screw-to-open top filling

Entrance: https://vapesourcing.com/vapefly-core-rta.html

CoilART SALT RTA is an 18mm diameter RTA which has a two post single coil build deck. Constructed by 304 stainless steel, the COILART SALT RTA features a 2ml E-juice capacity in a regular glass tube, but 3.5ml e-juice capacity is also available in bubble tube to enlarge more e juice with your favorite Nic Salts E-Liquid.

There are two types of coil with M2.5x3 build screws which can meet your different demands, including Ni 28G with 1.15ohm for low Nic Salts, a 1.6ohm resistance of Ni80 30G is for high Nic Salts. By the way, the two-posts deck is easy for building a single coil, and the 7-levels airflow control system brings unique clouds for you. 5 colors are optional.


  1. SUS304 SS Construction in sleek design with 18mm diameter, 2ml/3ml juice capacity
  2. Meets all your needs of vaping e-liquid, low nic salts, and high nic salts
  3. Two-posts deck for simple building of single coil
  4. 7-levels bottom airflow control and top refilling design
  5. Comes with 5pcs pre-cut cottons, 2pcs 0.65ohm fused clapton coils, 2pcs 1.15ohm coils and 2pcs 1.6ohm coils

Entrance: https://vapesourcing.com/coilart-salt-rta.html

So, what is your choice?
Have you decided?
Hurry to enter our official website!


Hi, guys! Here comes Wismec latest vape kit -WISMEC Luxotic MF BOX Kit with Guillotine V2 RDA, which is an innovative kit that satisfies vapers who like DIY. The most important character of the Luxotic MF mod is that it has two ways to vape as squonk mod and box mod for you to choose.

In squonk mod mode, you will have a 21700 battery and a plastic squonk bottle which has 7ml e-juice capacity; In box mod mode, you will have two high-rate 18650 batteries which can fire up to 100W maximum output.

By the way, the mod also features optional ergonomically designed circuit boards for your preference, which are direct output board with faddish indicator lights and variable voltage board with a 0.91 inch OLED screen. As for the Guillotine V2 RDA, which is constructed by stainless steel, also features the BF system and dual coil for excellent flavor.

Size: 47.527.687.0mm
Thread type: 510 spring loaded connector
Squonk e-liquid capacity: 7ml
Cell type: high-rate 21700/18650 cell
Max Output wattage: 100W

Guillotine V2:
Height: 34.8mm
Diameter: 24mm

Order it now: https://vapesourcing.com/wismec-luxotic-mf-box-kit.html

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[In Stock] Geekvape CreedRebuildable Tank Atomizer 6.5ml

Geekvape Creed RTA In Stock

Hey guys!
Here comes a big news!
The new Geekvape Creed RTA is in stock now!

You can get it once making an order without waiting!
Come on! Enter our website for more information!



Are you fond of the sub ohm tank? There is a newest sub ohm tank named GeekVape Cerberus Tank, which is the original tank matching with the Geekvape Nova Box Mod perfectly. This tank also can be compatible with TFV8 Baby Coils.

Constructed by stainless steel and glass, the Cerberus Sub ohm Tank features 5.5ml/4.0ml juice capacity, and it maximizes heating contact surface area in order to provide maximum flavor and large vapor production. With the innovative super mesh coil system and the adjustable bottom airflow design, the Cerberus tank will bring optional flavor and huge clouds to you. There are five colors for you to choose.

Size: 27 x 46.8mm
Capacity: 5.5ml(Extra 4ml regular glass tube included)
Coil Type: Super Mesh X1 Coil 0.2ohm KA1(best at 60-80W)
Thread: 510 thread

Order it now: https://vapesourcing.com/geekvape-cerberus-tank.html

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[New Arrival] 4ml 5GVape Leopard Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer

Welcome to our Vapesourcing Kingdom!
This article will introduce you a new RDTA for you!
Are you ready?

5GVape Leopard RDTA is a 24mm rebuildable dripping tank atomizer with a very unique air intake system. Constructed by 304 stainless steel, it also has a 4ml e-juice capacity.

Here I wanna give a special emphasis about its unique air intake system: The A Intake is from top slanting, whose air blows the top of the hot wire, and the B intake is vertical intake at the bottom, whose air blows to the bottom of the hot wire. Then the airflow generated by AB two air intake forms convection in the atomizer chamber, the air generated by the gas is acting on the heat of the hot wire, which will bring big vapor and good taste. By the way, the 5GVape Leopard RDTA also features a dual coil build deck for easy building. 4 colors are optional.

Dual coil build deck
Top and bottom airflow system
Easy to refill design
Gold plated contact pin
Stainless steel construction
510 threading connection

If you make an order now, you will get the product faster!

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ShenRay Typhoon GT4 Style RTA 5ml Only For $20.99

Hey guys!
The best greetings for you from our Vapesourccing Kingdom!
Do you hesitate to change a new RTA?
Don’t worry, some introduction for you!

The ShenRay Typhoon GT4 Style RTA is a 25mm rebuildable tank atomizer designed by ShenRay. Constructed by 316 stainless steel, features 5ml of juice capacity and the build deck with dual post design that is super easy to build on. The air enters via the bottom air slots and travel up to the bottom of the coils, providing pure flavor and massive cloud production.

Size: 25mm * 64mm
Diameter: 25mm
Material: 316 Stainless Steel+Glass
Capacity: 5.0ml
Thread Type: 510

316 stainless steel construction
Dual post build deck
Single / dual coil configuration
Bottom airflow system
Frosted glass tank tube
Delrin drip tip included
510 threading connection

The price: $20.99

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If you don’t want the Wismec LUXOTIC MF Box Full Kit, here also comes the Wismec Luxotic MF Mod 100W to match your lovely atomizer. This mod is a very interesting mod which can be changed to different modes for your preferences. As you see, it can be used as either a squonker or standard mod.

When used as a squonker, you can install a 21700 battery and a 7ml squonk bottle, while configuring the mod as a standard device means you install dual 18650 cells, which can fire up to 100W maximum output.

In this way, the Luxotic MF Box MOD is a strong mechanical Box MOD powered by a stable direct output board which also can be exchanged with an adjustable voltage board (sold separately). Moreover, you will see either LED lights (unregulated chipset) or a 0.91 inch OLED display (variable voltage chipset) on the large side of the unit. 2 colors are available.

Size: 47.527.687.0mm
Thread type: 510 spring loaded connector
Squonk e-liquid capacity: 7ml
Cell type: high-rate 21700/18650 cell
Max output wattage: 100W
Color: Black, Silver

Order it at the price of $43.23 now: https://vapesourcing.com/wismec-luxotic-mf-box-mod.html

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Guys, another kind of RTA named Stutt-Art Bogati Clone RTA is recommended to you. This RTA features 23mm diameter with dual post build deck for single or dual coil building. Constructed by 316 stainless steel, it is in good quality and durable. Adjustable airflow designed gives the RTA a smoothest and quietest restricted direct lung airflow systems. What’s more, the 5ml juice capacity and top filling design makes it refill e-liquid very simply.

Size: 23*54.5mm
Diameter: 23mm
Juice Capacity: 5ML
Material: 316 Stainless Steel+Glass
Thread Type: 510

Order it at the price of $14.89 now: https://vapesourcing.com/stutt-art-bogati-style-rta.html

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Guys, you must love this newest vape kit - Vaporesso Tarot Baby Kit, which is an ultimate elegant device, consisting of a Tarot Baby MOD and a NRG SE sub ohm tank in a small unit. Powered by inbuilt 2500mAh battery, the Tarot Baby mod can fire up to 85W maximum output.

On the control face, you will find a 0.96-inch full-color display with a vertical menu that has vape data such as a battery bar, lock/unlock icon, current mode, current wattage/temperature, atomizer resistance, puff counts, voltage and puff seconds. And with an upgraded OMNI Board 4.0 which supports 0.002s fast firing speed and is adaptive to all mainstream tanks from 0.03ohm to 5ohm (Super Player Mode).

As for the 22mm diameter NRG SE tank, which features sliding top filling, bottom airflow and a maximum e juice capacity of 4.5ml with the bubble glass and 2 ml with the standard glass, and two kinds of coils are contained, GT Meshed Coil (0.18ohm), GT CCELL Coil (0.5ohm). 6 colors are optional.

Size: 42x25x114mm
Tank Capacity: 4.5ml/2ml
Display: 0.96 inch TFT
Battery: 2500mAh Built-in Battery
Power Range: 5-85W
Resistance Range: 0.03-5Ω
Color: Black, Rainbow, Silver, Red, Green, Blue

Order it at the price of$51.90 now: https://vapesourcing.com/vaporesso-tarot-baby-kit.html

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