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[VapeSourcing Giveaway]-Win $75 MyVapors Myuz SS5 Kit-03/27

Hey guys! Here comes a new contest again. And this time the prize is the latest mod kit from Myvapors. It is named Myuz SS5 and looks very like the famous Drag. In the following are some details about it.

At the first glance of the MyVapors Myuz SS5 Kit, you’ll be attracted by its colorful resin panels, cause the pattern looks just like the appearance of Jupiter. Powered by dual 18650 batteries, the output can reach up to 220W. On the side, there is a large HD color screen that displays specific data as well as some buttons for you to operate. The Magnetic Battery Door provides a brilliant and great visual effect, it also makes battery replacement easier. As for the Myuz SS5 tank, it comes with a large capacity of 6.5ml and a super convenient top filling design. Plus the revolutionary SS5-N Coil and SS5-M Coil, the Myuz SS5 will bring you a unexpected experience.

More details about the MyVapors Myuz SS5: https://vapesourcing.com/myvapors-myuz-ss5-kit.html

Simple to enter:

  1. How often do you search on Google for content related to vaping now?
  2. Are there any products that you like but Vapesoucing doesn’t sell? (If so, please list in the reply.)
  3. Which kit sold by vapesourcing do you like best? (Reply with the link from vapesourcing.com)
  4. What direction do you think the vape devices will develop?


  1. You must be 18 or older
  2. The contest will end on 27th Mar. and the winner will be chosen via random.org on 28th Mar.
  3. Number your replies
  4. Each entrant with no more than 4 replies

#Post 1

I’m mostly not looking for Google. All information is on the forums and on Facebook.


I don’t search google at all. However, I do spend hours a day searching for deals and general info.

No clue…

the one your selling now

I think they will get cheaper and cheaper until they only last a week. Obviously, I am being a smart @ss but that’s the way it’s been heading the last year or so.

  1. Search about 5-6 times a month
  1. Steam Crave Aromamizer
  1. Lost Vape DNA250
  1. Unfortunately It appears they will be moving towards Closed systems

Post 1.

Not too often. I rely mostly on forums

Post 2.

Probably not. You seem to have a lot of stuff there

Post 3.

Post 4.

Looks like it’s pods unfortunately

  1. How often do you search on Google for content related to vaping now?
    1 or 2 times a week

#1 A few times a week.

#2 To be honest I haven’t looked at your inventory.

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#3 Well, the kit you are offering here looks ok.

#4 I’ve seen an increasing pattern of Pods and MTL devices being advertised, which is good for beginners I assume, but I have no interest in those.

  1. Usually start the day with it :thinking: