Vapesourcing Newest giveaway! Eleaf invoke Kit And Joyetech Dolphin (Ended)

Hello, everybody. Vapesourcing has recently promote Eleaf invoke Kit And Joyetech atopack dolphin.
Eleaf invoke Kit is powered by dual 18650 batteries and max up to 220W.

Joyetech atopack dolphin 50W Kit features with 2100mAh built-in battery and newly added 1.2ohm JVIC3 coils.

Now we share it Giveaway!


  1. Do you like or dislike Eleaf invoke Kit or Joyetech atopack dolphin? Please state your reason.
  2. What is your favorite product from our website (
  3. Have you ever bought products from our website and leave your advice for us.

Every participants has up to three times to enter. Please comment each request separately .

Waiting for your comments and wish you have good luck!

We will choose two winners to get Eleaf invoke Kit or Joyetech atopack dolphin in random.
Winner will be announced on 11/21.

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  1. I really like the Eleaf Invoke because it is attractive and capable of providing higher wattage output.
    I do not find the Joyetech atopack Dolphin to be even slightly attractive. The limited amount of wattage it provides does not fit my style of Vaping.
  1. My favorite product currently offered on your website is this wonderful device.
  1. I have not

The dolphin looks phenomenal.Never bought anything from your site but will consider it in the future. Looks to have a lot of variety and decent price on 18650’s.

#1 I like the eleaf, the joyetech dolphin looks really cool but doesn’t have enough power

#2 Me likey:smiley:

#3 I have never bought anything from your site, but I also just found out about it because of ELR

I like Eleaf invoke Kit . The device has a large screen and a small size

Vaporesso Swag Box Mod 80W


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Not yet, but your site is in my permanent bookmarks
My advice - more giveaways for us!:grinning:

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#1.Do you like or dislike Eleaf invoke Kit or Joyetech atopack dolphin? Please state your reason
I like the Eleaf invoke kit at first glance purely because of esthetics’. It looks better.

I like the Smok G-Priv with the baby beast
SMOK G-PRIV 2 With TFV8 X-Baby Kit 230W | VapeSourcing


Top fill
Bigger screen
2 batteries
Tank size- the extended makes it better though
No rebuildable coils


This is not my style of set up…i would wear the battery out quickly vaping at 30watts

I have never bought from your store
I like the organized set up of the site
I also like that it is easy to navigate

I am definitely curious about the Eleaf. Looks like a solid design (aesthetically speaking).

I’m not a fan of the design of the “dolphin” at all. But it seems aptly named. Lol

Hands down, has to be the Cuboid 150w.

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Not yet. But I have been impressed that you are keeping prices competitive, and a wide variety of brands/selection!

The only advice I would have, is perhaps try to continue to improve the mobile (phone) experience. Browsing is a bit cluttered at the top of pages, but excellently done when actually scrolling through a group of products.

Also, the little “live chat” or “chat now” buttons are a personal annoyance that I feel would be better moved to the menu, but I realize that some like them.

@Vapesourcing thanks for the opportunity and giveaway!

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3.Have you ever bought products from our website and leave your advice for us

I have not bought anything from your site as of yet. I may buy something when “black Friday” comes if you have competitive sales going on though.
Thank you for the competition!!