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VapeTube...new vaping video site


Hey, I’m posting this as I ran across a new vaping video site out of Blackpool, UK the other day, called VapeTube. While not a youtube, it is a small but growing site where reviewers can upload for free. I really like the look and the feel of the site. Already has many reviewers uploading vids on it. Considering how ugly youtube is becoming toward vape reviewers, some have lost their entire channels, many have gotten strikes against them for mentioning juul or cbd…I think this may be a good alternative. And not so artsy-fartsy and expensive as vimeo. Vaping at Petes Place, SoulOhm Reviews, Salford Vaper, Timmerz, Jared the Vaping Goat, Red Fox and others are uploading to it. Now I’m not affiliated, I just like the site and the idea of an alternative. ( I only wish I knew how to get ahold of Vaping with Les to tell him, I liked the old fart, and was pretty upset when his channel was taken suddenly from him, he could start anew there. ) Anyway, give it a look. I hope it grows, its got great potential. AND…it really needs some DIY tutorial vids!!




This is what needs to be done these days, only recently I saw someone post on here about a social media site that is an alternative to FB, good stuff


Looks cool, was there last night looking around! :slight_smile:


Id love to see this site promoted by some of the folks that create videos. @DIYorDIE, @Steampugs you got any folks that might want to put some vids on there? Or maybe even just throw out some plugs for the site?


Yeah man, @SmilingOgre does awesome technical reviews that we’re going to incorporate into some of the written reviews, he’d do well on there I think, There’s also an app like Insta that is purely for Vaping called ‘Vaffle’ …I think Heavengifts run it, loads of well known reviewers are on there already.


CC: @Ken_O_Where
I’ve been eyeing this thread. Still thinking about the whole thing. There’s Vimeo, Daily Motion, and now this one. Gotta spend a little more time on all three.


Vimeo is banned by my internet provider :sweat_smile:


Indonesia blocks a lot of sites for various reasons - you could use a vpn if access was desirable


Yes, im trying to make it work with tor now, but at default setting it still wont open vimeo.


You may try a dns change from your isp dns to google’s try and (most government blocks are dns related)


I Will try that later. Thank you. Sorry, on my way to office now.