VapeWave: Pro-vaping teaser from Jan Kounen

Pretty high production value on this one!


Love the Blade Runner references. Good stuff!

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I like it, it’s really cool. I have two problems with it, though.

  1. I wish it showed more ‘regular’ people. In the circles I’ve encountered where the impact and the view of vaping was negative, the people tended to associate vaping with alternative lifestyles and counter culture. They call it “vape culture” and while I think it’s true that a lot of people who vape ARE tattooed, pierced, punk, etc., there are also a lot of people who aren’t. It showed a few, but the clips were really short.

2.) I am concerned that the message it’s putting out there is “Vaping is awesome, everyone should do it, and everyone ‘in the future’ will be doing it.” This is a message that the anti-vaping crowd is so afraid vaping is going to send if it becomes mainstream…the whole debate (as ridiculous as it may be) about the fact that vaping is normalizing and glorifying ‘smoking’ again.

If we’re looking to appeal to the vaping crowd, this thing is awesome. Except, vapers already know vaping is awesome and for the most part understand the risks. If we are hoping to put out pro-vape media to counter the anti-vapers’ propaganda, I’d love to see it aim to educate the public on what vaping is and why it is important to keep it available, as well as confront and allay the fears of the uninformed. I’m not saying it has to be boring or full of suits and facts and figures, just a little more relatable to Average Joe Smoker, Billy Businessman, and Louis Lawmaker.

All that being said, this is pretty amazing and I’m thoroughly impressed with how well put together it is. I love the Blade Runner bit as well and that they were able to get some big guys and gals in the industry in it.

Sorry if I went off on a tangent and picked apart what is certainly an amazing, artistic portrayal of vaping. Okay…I’ll get off my soapbox and go sit in the corner now. LoL


Great video. The futuristic Ridley Scott inspired effects were awesome. I really enjoyed it - as a vaper. I agree with everything @JoJo mentioned in her comments.
The majority of the anti-vaping media is geared towards appealing to the more conservative population as they in general are the ones making the decisions that govern our lives. The over 50 population will view this as counter-culture and have their negative bias’ reinforced.
The vaping community needs to showcase moms and dads, school principals, doctors etc to alleviate the fears that big tobacco has instilled in their minds : the tatted hipster that wants to get their 5 year old hooked on nicotine.
I think the intention is good, the production value is awesome, but the appeal is too narrow - unless there is more that will be shown later.

I was thinking much the same thing, JoJo. Tattoo-covered beach boys and guys with green mohawks aren’t doing much to normalize the way people look at vapers. It’s “cutting-edge” but really doesn’t do much for our image. I’m glad I didn’t see this before I started vaping - I’m an older person and it would have been a definite turn-off for me. If that were my introduction to vaping I may never have tried it. So make room in your corner. I’ll be right there with you.

That being said, the production quality is amazing. It is visually stunning. But as a media tool, it’s only useful for preaching to the choir.

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This film on vaping is made in high quality and looks great too. It is really true as well. Vaping comes with its own risks but it is one of the most awesome things that can help people leave cigarettes and choose to live a healthy lifestyle. Vaping is not a perfect healthy alternative, but it is better than cigarettes. Cigarettes have 7000 chemicals that can lead to cancer and even death, but vaping is 95% healthier and better though it has its own cons.

The very concept of producing vapour alone has been completely new for some countries, besides the E-cigarettes outright invention as well which is why some people still misconceive it as being the same as smoking. However, vaping continues to grow as a worldwide phenomenon. It contains far and less dangerous chemicals than cigarettes.