Vapewild Concentrates Tasting Notes

I was sent a selection of concentrates for review. All views expressed are my own though

All were mixed with an Aqueous VG mix @ 8mg 3 samples of each @ 15% 18% and 20% and steeped for 3 weeks

Equipment used Smoktree Plus @ 46w using an ijoy limitless tank. Dual Alien Clapton coil Kanthal @ 0.25 ohms

Lemon Meringue

A mild not overly sweetened lemon flavour with a slight tang to it and an eggy meringue compliments it well. No detectable pie flavour for me and the overall flavour was a little subdued in the finished flavour for my tastes. Mixed @ 18%

Mild Custard

Not strong in finished flavour, more vanilla creme in finished flavour than custard for me. Hint of vanilla in a light creme base. No real noticeable caramel or brown sugar notes. See this more of a mixer than a standalone. Mixed @ 18%

Clover The Rainbow

Really good breakfast cereal mix. A strong marshmallow flavour provides a great level of sweetness to the finished mix along with a cereal/biscuit type flavour alongside it and the occasional citric hit on the inhale. Produces a pretty decent finished flavour overall. Mixed @ 15%

Strawberry Deluxe

Flavoursome strawberry, lots of the red part of the fruit and no sourness to the finished flavour, overall a quite authentic strawberry flavour with only a slight hint of sucralose, but not enough to detract from a very good strawberry flavour.

I would happily vape as a standalone strawberry without the need to mix with other strawberries to produce a finished flavour. Mixed @ 16%


More of a slush puppy type raspberry taste, once steeped for me, it has a good level of sweetness and a syrupy raspberry type finished flavour. Very enjoyable and one of the few raspberry flavours I have been able to vape and not cough every time I inhale… Mixed @ 18%

Natural Orange

Strong authentic orange taste, not overly sweet or juicy with a hint of bitterness to the finished flavour. Works well as an orange flavour and no separation when mixing with base with this particular orange. Mixed @ 18%


Thanks for the review.
Many people don’t realize VW has a DIY section.
It was that section of theirs that kick started me into DIY and ultimately got me here.

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It is the first time I have tried them as a brand and I have been pleasantly surprised by the the quality of the finished flavour of the few I have tried so far.