VapeyMama's Princess & the Frog. A review of the Vaptio N1Pro Kit

Once upon a time there was a princess. She was quite large…but definitely the sexy kind of large. Curves for fucking days, and a big ol’ back side that fills up the palm of your hand juuust right. Her prince on the other hand, was just a little guy. In fact, he was a frog. They were an odd pair to say the least. The princess wasn’t happy though. She had so much to offer, and the little frog just couldn’t handle it all. You see, the princess liked big, hot, thick loads that just keep coming, and the poor little frog could only give her a pitiful 2ml before burning out… She gave him a kiss, hoping that he’d magically turn into something bigger and better, but no such luck. So she decided to unscrew his ass and go find love elsewhere. She discovered that she quite enjoyed her new suitors who could deliver everything her heart desired all night long, but decided that she didn’t want to settle down with just one (yeah, kinda slutty…), so now she lets all the big boys take their turns on top of her and she couldn’t be happier! That bitch is a playa.


And now… after that weird-ass fairytale, I’d like you to meet the N1 Pro 240W by Vaptio, or as I lovingly refer to her as, The Princess.

The Princess is a 2/3 battery mod capable of 240 watts with three 18650 batteries, or 200 watts with two. She comes with two back plates to accommodate whichever number of batteries you want to use. She is a hefty lady with three, and still quite voluptuous with two. Her slick, smooth metal body is heavy duty and seems to be extremely durable and well built. I’ve had her for several months now and the finish is holding up very nicely with just a few small dings, dispite how rough I get with her. Impressive.

She has a beautiful full color display screen. I really loved it at first, but I have been seeing other mods with crazy big displays and I do have just a wee bit of screen envy after seeing those other ones…this screen is nice, but it could have been bigger with all the room on the front. And IDGAF what anyone says, bigger is better. :wink: Anyway, it shows each battery’s level individually, and in two battery mode there’s simply an empty battery bar. The battery bars change colors as the batteries die down. Green is a full charge, then it changes to yellow, orange, and red for just about dead. Then you have your watts which are adjustable by whole numbers with no decimal points which I like. IMO there’s really not a big enough difference between 99.6 and 100 watts for me to care about dialing it in that specifically, and it makes it faster to change your watts when you’re not waiting for it to run through all of the tenths of a watt. Then you’ve got your volt readout, your coil resistance, and a second counter which is kinda dumb. You can only see the seconds being displayed while she’s being fired, and I don’t know about you but I find it a bit tricky to read a screen…upside down…while I’m taking a puff. Not a huge deal at all, but I do think it’s pretty much a waste of space on the display where they could have put an amp readout instead, or could have just made the rest of the things on the screen bigger.

In addition to power and TC modes, she also has bypass mode and you can set a custom curve if you feel like getting all fancy n shit. TC isn’t really my thing, I mainly use it to dry out my wicks when I’m feeling too lazy to change them before I throw a new juice in, but it works well with SS coils without having to mess with TCR at all. I haven’t gotten in to the custom curve options because, quite frankly, I don’t really care about that (simple things keep me plenty happy).

Up top there is a raised platform around the spring loaded 510 connection, which looks nice…but I’m just ever so slightly disappointed that it isn’t wider. For a chick with such a massive badonk, she should really be able to handle more girth. With just a little tweaking to the design it could have easily been made to fit 30mm+ atomizers without overhang off of the platform. To the sides of the platform there are little… slit… things… which do absolutely nothing other than collect juice and dust. Not a fan of those for that reason but it’s really not a huge downside, just a little unnecessary in my opinion.

Down underneath is the release button for the back door(s). Easy to use. No fumbling around. The doors click right in and out every time. Slide the top of the door in and then click the bottom shut. Done. The 3rd battery stall in the door is a little tight and I have to use my nails to pop out the battery, but I’d rather have it snug than loose for sure.

There are nice big open venting slots on either side of the mod as well as on the bottom under the screen and usb port.

Her buttons are nice and clicky and not at all sticky, she fires on the first press every time. There is practically no battery lag, all the way down to the last puff before it’s time to recharge. I’m actually seriously impressed by the consistent power she puts out. She comes with all kinds of protections (as I would hope she would with all different guys that have been riding her nonstop…), 10 second over vaping protection, low voltage protection, short circuit protection, and over heating protection. A very responsible young lady indeed.

Overall I have been extremely pleased with her performance. I use the hell out of her and she hasn’t given me anything to complain about. Despite a few itty bitty cons, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend her to every chubby chaser out there, she is sure to satisfy!

Here are a few of her recent hook-ups:




N1 Pro 240W Specs:

Battery Type: Dual / Triple 18650

Mod Wattage: 1-240W

Weight: 272g

Height: 9.2cm (3.6")

Width: 5.5cm (2.2")

Depth: 4.5cm (1.8")


Package Contains:

  • 1 x N1 Pro 240W Mod device
  • 1 x Battery Cover
  • 1 x Micro USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • Features:

  • Multiple output modes: VW, TC, Bypass, Custom
  • 240W Max Output
  • Ventilation
  • Color Display
  • Over Vaping Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Over Heating Protection
  • Low Voltage Protection

Now…for that little prince of hers.

This little froggy isn’t bad. But it’s not a super high power tank, that’s for damn sure. I personally like rocking 100+ watts chain vape style, but if less power is your thing, then read on! The coils that come included in the kit are the W2 and the W8. The W2 is a .4ohm coil that is rated at 30-80 watts, and recommended at 45-65 watts. The recommended range is certainly where I’d stay. With heavy usage, 60 watts was about as high as I could go before getting a little too dry. The W8 is a .15ohm coil rated at 50-110 watts, and recommended at 60-80 watts. Again, the recommended range is good, 70-75 watts is the highest that I could take it. This tank is also compatible with multiple other mainstream coils, so that’s a huge plus since they are going to be easier to find than the lesser known Vaptio coils.The drip tip is nice…almost. It’s smooth and stays pretty cool, but after about a month of use it split right down the side. It is interchangeable with other 510 drip tips though, so if you want to customize it a little you can, or obviously if it cracks you’ll be able to use something else.The tank only holds 2ml, so great, grand, fantastic for TPD regs… but honestly I fucking hate that it’s so small. I have to fill it so often I might as well just be dripping. This tank isn’t chain-vaper friendly in that regard unless you really enjoy refilling your tank all the damn time.

Flavor is good, not amazing, but adequate for a stock coil. I’d give it a 7 out of 10 compared to my most flavorful atomizers. The coils lasted me about 7-10 days with moderate cloud sucking/blowing action. The triple slot bottom airflow is adjustable and is fairly airy. Not the most wide open vape in the world but it doesn’t feel restricted by any means.

The top cap is spring loaded, which is kinda cool, but beware…if you’re not careful it can slip through your fingers go flying across the room. To open the cap for filling the tank, just press and turn and it pops right off to reveal nice big fill holes.

Overall the Frogman is just “meh” for me. Its an ok tank for what it is; a middle-range watt tank with stock coils. Again, if that’s what you’re looking for I think you’ll probably be pleased enough. If you’re a high watt vaper who’s looking at the N1 Pro for the power she can put out, I highly suggest you buy the mod by herself and skip the kit with the little froggy boy.


Frogman specs:

Package includes:

  • 1 x Frogman Tank
  • 1 x Frogman W8 Coil
  • 1 x Frogman W2 Coil
  • 1 x Spare Clear Replacement Glass Tube
  • 1 x User Manual


  • Multiple Glass Tube color options
  • 'Press & Twist' Easy to open top cap
  • Multicore structure
  • Highly compatible with mainstream multicore coils
  • Heat resistant drip tip
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • 2ml Capacity
  • Replacement coils: W2 Single Coil 0.4ohm Rating 30-80W – recommended at 45-65W W8 Quad Coil 0.15ohm Rating 50-110W – recommended at 60-85W
Compatible with the following coils:
  • Frogman Tank
  • SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast
  • SMOK TFV8 Big Baby
  • Eleaf Ello
  • Eleaf Ello Mini
  • Joyetech ProCore Aries
  • Joyetech ProCore SE
  • Joyetech ProCore Motor
  • Vaporesso NRG
  • Vaporesso NRG Mini

The N1 Pro 240W kit can be purchased at the time of writing this review for $89.20 through Vaptio’s site.

You can also buy the N1 Pro by itself for $62 here:

And the Frogman tank for $28.50 here:


Thanks for reading! I hope you all enjoyed the review, if you’d like to see how the N1 Pro and the Frogman stack up against other devices please swing on over to to check out some fantastic reviews by the Steam Team!

Until next time, lots of love!


great review, cute nursery story, pics of tank overhang are always nice. i did the “naughty reviews” logo!


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Awesome review, it was really good for me.I was too chickenshit to get the white mod. I got the big black and gold version. Mine gets used every day and is holding up well. Thanks Mama


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