Vapin' ELR #1

Sitting around on this, this MY Friday night. Vapin on some Mothers unicorn milk we made 2 weeks ago. Damb good. This is the ery first time I tried a ELR recipe. WOW, just amazing. And just to think, I used to pay 28 bucks a 50ml for this CREAM… AWESOME.

I love you guys


Amazing isn’t it?


@Kirk_46 welcome to the party !!! @daath gets a lot of the credit for starting this whole thing up !!!


It even gets better when you have 10-20 premixed/steeped first rate recipes equal in flavor quality/excellence to Mothers and can’t decide which one to vape. I think this is the goal we all are shooting for.


I here that… its like each of us is searching for that exact feeling were goin for. Hitting all the areas with all the right notes. Also, learning what we like is also a challenge. Bombies nana cream for instance. Nice full vape. But lacks that “sharpness” on the inhale. ts like the edges are too rounded off. Just a little “salt” or a 0.25 of citrus to punch that sharp note and pop everything out.

Experience in this “art” is the key to success.