Vaping a base 70/30 - question


Lately, I was kinda tired of flavors and wanted to create a flavorless base to vape.
Made 70/30 and 80/20

Somehow it has a harsh throat hit. Made it by weight, so the nic level is fine and the balance is perfect.

Anyone tried vaping a clear base? It supposed to have a TC ? How can I remove this effect? I don’t understand - flavors reduce the TC?

Sorry, what is TC?

Got no clue either but he might mean throat hit

I normally have a 30ml batch of “clean” juice sitting around (70/30) that I’ll use if I think I’m going to switch up juice from a tank to something different and I want to remove most of the flavor from that tank that I had been using (in other words I want to test out a new mix and am too lazy to take everything apart and rewick). Using the clean juice kinda washes out most the other juice or at least weakens it enough so I’ll be tasting the new juice faster. I also use it to prime new cotton if/when I do rewick or rebuild.
I have not encountered a raw taste (except from the taste of new cotton) when using my clean juice, and yes it does have my normal nic level in it.


I would clean the coil and re-wick

TC = throat hit
Made a mistake, had to write it TH

I normally have 3 tanks going all the time… 1 for fruits, 1 for things that may have some creams or I’m just trying out for awhile, and 1 for BaN or Moonstone types. So I normally don’t change out coils or wicks, but will add similar juices into the tank that is being used for that profile. It might take a little bit to totally flush a heavy flavor out, but I’m not in a rush. I don’t need everything pristine, a few things like a Castle Long I have made up does take a bit of juice to make the taste of it’s ingredients fade off (I think it’s the Oak Wood (FA) that lingers), but other than that, ever since I stopped using Coconut (Extra) (TPA), most things change over quickly to the new juice.


I vaped unflavored for almost a year strait. My mix was all vg (my nic is diluted in vg) and about 10% distilled water to thin it out a bit. I did get a TH from it but not overly harsh. At that time I vaped 6mg I’m down to 3 now but I don’t vape my base near as much now unless I need a break. I would think the culprit is your nic… But also the higher the pg the more TH in most cases… It could also have to do with the build and watts your vaping on… Lots of different factors contribute to the TH of a juice