Vaping a dirty nasty looking coli

Started my day off filling up kanger plus juice dumped in 7 mils of juice checked cotton and coil planed on clean and changing later got side tracked and still going the deal is I am still getting great flavor off it besides looking really bad is there any other reason to change the cotton Ti coil temp control

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looking really bad is there any other reason to change the cotton Ti coil temp control
[/quote]Not really. I have a similar problem. I use RDA’s and only change the coil* when it breaks while changing out the wick. I tend to change the wick every 3-5 days depending on how often I use it (rotate five different flavors during a day). If I’m getting good flavor and the wick looks clean, I let it go until I need a refill.

  • Vaping at ~6.67w with 32 ga. Kanthal.

Well I am going to change the cotton hope I am not making a mistake I have been using a snickerdoodle mix I found here on the site and really enjoyin it the build is Ti .23 ohms it use to bother me when the cotton got a bit dirty all most seams at time need 4/5 mils before I get for me real flavor

I believe I buit this coil 2 weeks ago picked the atty up Saturday been my go to ever since

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Meh, if it vapes, it vapes. I change out stuff when it doesn’t vape as well as I like. If the flavor is tasting funky or it’s just not producing as much vapor as I’d like. Or I’m bored and want to rebuild. I doubt there’s anything extraordinarily harmful in vaping a ‘dirty’ coil.


Strawberry Banana Ice Cream by tb12 from this site to go with clean tank and re cotton I like it darn it’s good just wish I new how to link recipe to this page never ends clean cotton mix more juice I only got 23 mils left of strawberry banana ice cream and that is not enough

By tb127

Strawberry Banana Ice Cream :

6% Banana (CAP)
2% Super Sweet (CAP)
6% Sweet Strawberry (CAP)
4% Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TPA)

Flavor total: 18%
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