Vaping Accessories

I want one! Belt clip for any 510 connection box mod!!


AND they come in colors too!


This is a funny accessory!

@NewDrip, you need these for all your new tanks you’ll be getting!

So what are tank beads? They are small little glass accessories that you can insert into your liquid filled tank system and watch them float around. These are handmade locally in the states and are very limited as the glass accessory are made by one creative designer. Once they are sold out, there is no guarantee that the same design will be available again!

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This is what I was missing for all of my life!

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Tank bling.

No one will EVER know you have a vape pen on your person with this dangling from your neck!..if it wasn’t for that weird looking stamen on the flower that looks strangely like the top of a vape pen.

I use some of these acrylic drip tips to add flare