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Vaping after tooth extraction....?


Oh, I did that as well when I was young and stupid. At least I got it out of my system early, I guess…


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I did that back in the day with cigarettes. No matter if dentist or even other surgeries, the moment you’re allowed to get up for the first time (yes I know they only want you to go to the bathroom) I took either my cigarettes with me or went on a walk passing by the bathroom, down the hall and out the door :wink:

I would do the same with vaping if I find myself in one of these scenarios again. I wouldn’t recommend it tho and from a health point of view also not recommended.

But we’re all old enough to make our own decision, so if you feel vaping then find a way to do so, without it being painful or interfering with the healing process. Hope you get well soon.


I vaped after the extraction of all of my tooth in the upper jaw and after implantation surgery, 5 at a time. MtL 18mg and DtL 6mg. Dentist said no, because of the nicotine. I had a lot of control meetings. Everytime the Dentist said: Perfekt, best cure, everything OK.
Maybe the antibacterial effect of PG did its job.

That´s my story.


Dealing with this right now. Went on an awesome yet short vacation for Memorial Day and right in the middle of it i broke two teeth. Went in on Tuesday to have them check it out and they got me in on Wednesday. Of course they found another that was damaged so they yanked that one out too.

I just grabbed my most airy RDA’s, Troll V2, and wicked them up. I figured the least amount of suction would be best. I waited about two hours after extraction before i started vaping. At first it was no nic but i like my stimulants…


That’s what you get trying to spend memorial weekend without us :wink:

Sorry it happened but I hope you feeling better soon. At least you’ve found a way of still getting your nicotine lol. And who knows maybe going back to older gear might be not such a bad option :slight_smile:


I woulda brought you all with us but i got rid of my cell phone last year and ill never get another. Perhaps this will make up for it, it broke the meal before we got to one of my favorite restaurants, Hilltop in L’Anse, MI. hehe

I cant wait to get back to my Boreas tanks. I still like my Trolls but i like lazy way more.


Seriously? If so, you’re a legend, I hate my phone passionately.


I sure did, i use it as a remote control for the Kodi boxes in the house and as a camera. It was my first and last smart phone. I rarely brought the thing anywhere and kept it in a faraday box/cage when it wasnt needed.

Being an old skewl geek i loved having a computer in my hand, i didnt like all the spying and tracking tho.


Way back in '02 when I left a middle management job to return to patient care, one of the first things I did was cancel my cell phone account(Screw Sprint!) I HATED that damn thing with the fury of a 1000 hungry Huns. Being at your boss’s every whim wears mightily on the sanity.

I just recently got a month-2-month cheapo cell phone so that the missus and I could text during the day. Half the time I forget to charge it, and the other half I’m usually scratching my head trying to remember where I put the damn thing…

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Now that there is hilarious!


Unfortunately I need my cell phone so people can call me to do work, but lately been having them call my wife… I hate talking or texting on the phone…

#1 use for my phone. Watching tv


If you really want to gross her out tell her you want to “French” Eskimo kiss then flick you tongue out and wiggle the tip of it. lmao I got an empty pepsi can thrown at me.

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You can vape it or use it. If you’re asking, “How soon can I vape after a tooth extraction ” then the answer is immediately, if you have an open air set-up with no mouth suction required; or 4 days, if your rig requires a lot of suck to get the vapor out.

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Well I’ve been down this road a time or two, and you DO have to be careful. Suck, suck, sucking CAN be bad. You have to let it clot up and be very careful in the beginning. One trick is to get a regular Lipton black tea, tea bag, and kind of bite down on it over the extraction point. Not only will this help the clot form, but if you kind of keep it in your mouth (change as needed), it can somewhat protect that area if/when you are vaping.

I had an extraction where is just would NOT clot up (kept bleeding), researched, found the tea bag trick, and it WORKED. Maybe the tanic acid, not sure, but it’s all about clotting that hole up, and protecting it. If you’ve got a tea bag in your mouth, and you are somewhat biting down on it (not hard, just applying pressure) it can help prevent the clot (once it forms) from breaking apart, etc. Tea bag for the win !!!