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Vaping after tooth extraction....?


Hey guys, today i had a tooth extraction, and i would be lying if i said that i am capable of putting down my mod so as my mouth can heal with little to no interruptions. So im putting it out there, asking the question, has anyone been at this crossroad before me, if so, how did it affect you, what did you do. I dont want to stop vaping while this heals, i dont even know if anything will come of it , but i thought id ask the community to share their experience…



I had a wisdom tooth extracted a few months ago. An old friend told me he was vaping as soon as he got out of the dentist’s office after an extraction. I waited a couple hours, used the opposite side of my mouth and used a tank with an easy draw. I didn’t have any problems. Best of luck to you.


Thanks Jim…


Yipes, tooth extractions :nauseated_face: I can’t comment on vaping but I smoked tobacco after having my wisdom tooth extracted and it resulted in a condition called dry socket. Dry socket is no fun, very painful and heals slowly. Vaping is very different though and I don’t think that nicotine will hurt your recovery, not sure about flavors. For what it’s worth my gut says you’ll be fine.


When in doubt, give the dentist a quick call… he’ll know best :wink:


Had every tooth pulled at one visit (due to cancer) and started vaping very lightly with the airflow wide open. It is the suction that loosens the clot causing a dry socket Be careful or don’t vape.


Yup, what David said. Use your airiest tank and take gentle draws and you should be fine. :+1:


Had a wisdom tooth pulled last year. Same experience as @Jim22 (no problems, though I use a Theorem -which is a slightly restricted DL).

IF you MTL though, I’d be exceedingly careful, or better still, buy a temporary atty that’s at least “semi-airy” to get you past “the danger zone” (a month or so).


My wife just had a wisdom and a molar extracted on Monday. They told her that vaping is the same warning as smoking. But they have to say that. She vapes wide-open AF DTL so it has been no problem.

As said above, it is the suction of pulling a drag on a cigarette that is the culprit. No milkshakes either. I’m no dentist, so vape at your own risk!

I told my wife she could turn up the wattage a little from her normal setting so she can take in more vapor with a lighter inhale and it has been a-ok.


For what it’s worth, nicotine interferes with the clotting and healing process (slows it down). Never stopped me with analogs so it’s definitely not going to stop me with vaping.


Any time you create suction in your mouth after an extraction you take the chance of popping the clot that is keeping you from bleeding loose and creating a dry socket. Trust me you don’t want one they are painful and take a lot longer to heal.


When I had a couple of teeth pulled last year, for the first day I’d either rub a drop of juice on my gums or vape thru my nose(YES, I’m that bad) The second day I made sure to keep a VERY wet gob of cotton gauze clamped over the extraction sites and would draw from my airiest RTA with the airflow wide open and my lips slightly parted. The next couple of days I kept my vaping to a minimum and just continued with my Day Two process of vaping.

I’ve had Dry Socket once-It wasn’t fun. AT. ALL. Doing the above kept me from having it again. Here’s to hoping you heal quickly-Cheers!


I never had an issue vaping after a tooth extraction.


I had a dry socket once. And don’t want it again. If you do vape and it causes a dry socket get to the dentist quick they can pack it with a sage based pack. The pain disappears instantly.


Haven’t had to worry about it since vaping (full dentures) but I was that bad when I smoked to smoke through my nose. Ex wife used to get really creeped out by it, made it jus that much more fun, yeah I’m that big of butt. lmao


Yeah, I’ll admit it wasn’t my proudest moment. When the wife saw me doing it, she just got this weird look on her face and said, “You’ve got issues…”



Been there and what I was told by the dentist is with cigarettes you rink “dry Socket” (not a good thing)
and you also could cause bleeding form the sucking while smoking and vaping something to think about


Ditto and I’ve had plenty.

When I get home from the dentist I remove the packing and place a wet tea bag in it’s place. The “puckering” from the tea quickly halts any bleeding.


Beats the hell out of some of things people put up their noses.


Yup… I did the same last year. Disgusting, so I did it in private. lol